Louisiana's Legislation in Waiting

In honor of Kathleen Blanco caving to the right like the good little Republicrat that she is.

Yes I'm sort of a law
Gonna stick in your craw
But oddly with one really big flaw
Well now the Louisiana governor
Had to cave to the right
She didn't have it in her to stand up and fight
Cause she doesn't know her head from her assssss...
But pretty soon I'll be made
When the court overturns Roe v. Wade

Thanks to Helen at Just Ain't Right for keeping this on the front burner.


Blanco! Election in your sights? You imp!
She sure doesn't act or sound like a Democrat!
Nice poem, and thanks for the hat tip :)

I've been getting a lot more background on how Lousiana politics work (see Diane's comment in my post). I also got a lot of feedback 'cause I double-posted at KOS (I'm flashlass there).

Anyway, bottom line is that Louisiana politics are F'ed up BIG TIME. And their small dem base was mainly N.O., and we all know how disenfranchised that has become.

Sigh. Katrina will prove to be a boon to the GOP, even though they failed to protect the people.
As if I needed more reasons to hate this woman!

Attention ladies of Louisiana...Your Uterous now belongs to the state. You must make more lambs for the state to send to slaughter. It is your obligation to the Fatherland.

Roe v. Wade...What's that? Is it similar to the idea of "privacy?" 'Cause we haven't heard of that either!
Between Blanco's anti-choice stance and Hillary's pro war stance, why are progressives still clinging to the Democrats for hope?
Good question, Lew. It makes NO sense. The only way to ever change things is to vote in progressives. And that's not going to happen, at least not any time soon. I'll be completely horrified if Hillary got the nomination.
Gary, I'm all for starting a refugee program for woment in SD, LA, and anywhere else that want's chain women to the crib.

Lew, Helen, Glenda...Blanco's a strange one no doubt, but from what I heard she wouldn't have stood in the way of this bill even if the exclusion for the health of the mother hadn't been included.

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