Kvatch Kvetches - Mr. Platitudes Moves On

Busy day ahead, no time for a full-on post, maybe later...

The Favorite Speech Writer, Michael Gerson Resigns
He is the best and most influential presidential speechwriter since Ted Sorenson... and ...one of the key intellectual architects of the Bush presidency, whether we're talking about compassionate conservatism at home or the freedom agenda abroad. Translation: Mr. Platitudes moves on.

Still All Is Well At Bu$hCo
President Bush reaffirms his support for Karl Rove in the wake of Turd-blossom's escape from Fitzgerald's clutches. But the question remains: If your so freakin' confident in him, why did you demote him, Mr. President?

Say Goodbye To Flicker
Web content labeling has resurfaced in the Senate at the urging of the DoJ, and this time the penalties are truly draconian. Fail to find and report pornography on your network and get socked to the tune of $300,000. That'll put a chill on your business model.


Does that mean Bush will stop saying "nukuler" when he means "nuclear"? I hope not. Always gives me a chuckle.

As for web content, what are they going to do about other countries with porno? Put up a national filtering firewall like China. Eeeuw, I just got a really bad feeling about that...
key intellectual architect
Do they use the same dictionary as the rest of us? Intellectual? Architect?
Hey! That's Mister Fatuous Platitudes to you, bub!

Michael "Fatuous Platitudes" Gerson
Sothis, do you think Gerson would write "nukuler" into the speeches? :-)

Cartledge...What I want to know is: Where can I get a job as a Key Intellectual Architect? That sounds like a good gig, especially for a frog with about 5 brain cells.

Tom: :-)
Kvatch, I did some research and sorry, you have 3 brain cells too many.
Now if you were a newt (we Australian's have a delightful term for being anebriated - blind as a newt) you might just qualify.
The ability to deduce is definately a major drawback in the Key Intellectual Architect department.
Great. They'll also probably find some way to fine us for blogging naked. Blogging naked and writing about Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunctions would triple the fine.

And yet Howard Stern still has women taking their tops off on the radio.
Cartledge... :-( Damn! Knew there'd be a catch.

Mr_Blog, I always blog naked. You mean to say that there is another way to blog?
Much like defining a terrorist, the definition of porn is certainly a very wide shit-slinging-nipple-tweaking-ball-busting-tongue-anal-cavity-sphincter-pushing-tit-popping-foot-fucking-toe-licking-penis-probing-pussy-munching-sapho-istic wash!

The Greeks had this to say, Pornography is the writing of prostitutes.

They had no idea it would turn into the most profitable business of modern man...other than war and Wal-mart!
Yes, by all means..lets fight Porn instead of wars..I am all for it as long as people quit dying..

Off subject: Kvatch, good to hear from you. Your comment re: She Who Shall Not Be Named about knocked me out of my desk chair. I cannot find words to reply to THAT!!

Come again. We've missed our very busy, multicolored frog. Drop by when you have a free moment. You are always MOST welcomed.

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