Kvatch Kvetches - I Feel So Much Safer Now

When you're trying desperately to create something interesting for the East Coast readers before you hit the sack...

EEK! The Taepodong-2 Is Being Prepared For Launch
It's being fueled as we speak. With certain payloads it has the range to hit the continental US, and the people who own it are madder than hatters...with nukes! But never fear, Bu$hCo's here. From Fred @ MCCS1977 we hear that the US is activating a missile defense system that is...uh...still under development. I feel so much safer now.

Bu$hCo's new domestic policy advisor...
...is a guy named Karl Zinsmeister, and he's got some pretty funky ideas about the American people. He once referred to the "underclass" (whomever they are) as "morally repugnant". More recently Mr. Zinmeister was caught doctoring and then posting without attribution, the text of numerous articles about himself.


I'll show you my taepodong if you show me yours?
a guy named Karl Zinsmeister
Another useful and reliable addition to the Bush team. Bullshit is their forte, so they should have the best.
Jay...this isn't like "playing doctor" is it? Just please tell me that your's can't reach the West Coast! :-)

Cartledge, they're referring to him as the "Zpinmeister".

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