Kvatch Kvestions - Harvesting MySpace

So the Pentagon wants to increase the accuracy of their intelligence gathering by harvesting massive amounts of information from the social networking sites like Friendster and MySpace. Seems to me that we can apply a simple principle here: GIGO, "garbage in, garbage out". I shudder to think of the conclusions our intelligence community will make from the data they get out of the web's equivalent of Silly Putty.

Thanks for The Xsociate for digging this out of the noise.


I bet those CIA guys are having a great time playing poker and going through the "Girls Gone Wild" DVD boxed set looking for clues!
They sure targeted some great sources there; every dildo and halfwit on the planet.
Cartledge though I'm joking about it here, seems that the denizens of MySpace leave some awfully sensitive stuff up there. In the quoted article, the CEO of PGP Corp. was hammering the point pretty hard.
Fair enough, I can only go by what I hear from tech support for some of these services.
Mind you, if they do have sensitive stuff on those systems they are asking for trouble.
I, too, am appalled at what some people post about themselves, but even moreso that they attach their real names, so the government doesn't even need anymore special access than anybody else who can use Google.

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