In California Massive Incompetence Is Worth...18%

California's Citizens Compensation Commission has determined that our Governor and other high state officials deserve an 18% pay increase. But Blognonymous would like to know...for what? Maybe the huge budget shortfalls in 3 of the last 4 years? The 2004/05 budget standoff? Skyrocketing utility bills? Rolling blackouts? The f*cking recall election? The f*cking special election that nobody wanted? The measures that had to be pulled from the f*cking special election that nobody wanted? The Bay Bridge retrofit, now 13 f*cking years overdue? In short, MASSIVE F*CKING INCOMPETENCE!?

If I had f*cked up as royally as CA's state officials, I wouldn't be getting a raise. I'd be getting fired.


Who pays the Citizen Compensation Commission? That is, who decides who is on the commission and are they paid? It would seem you have one hand washes the other.
Lew, not sure how their chosen. The only thing I do know is that they are supposed to be an independant body that was established by a ballot initiative back in the early 90's.

Their justification in this case is that the Consititutional officers haven't seen a pay increase since 2000 and that the state is not remaining competitive.
This is California, where your pay scale is based on your Q-rating, not your actual talent.

As far as I can tell, only four of the seven commissioners were present, bearly a quorum. Two of the seven seats have been vacant for over a year - the governor appoints them and Arnold couldn't be bothered. The chairman didn't show up for the only meeting he has to attend all year.

Yea, this here is one fine state.
not happy about the situation froggy? You sound cross enough to croak.
Typical. Same shit, different day.

BTW, did you notice that the jokers in our National Congress decided to shoot down a minimum wage increase bill, but seem none too shy about their compensation increases?
Knighterrant, did you just make a Scientology reference? Just checking.

Cartledge, does it show? Actually thing theme is the monumental waste, millions and millions wasted on special elections, on delays to our seismically unsound bridges, on our lousy debt rating, etc, etc, etc...

Windspike...yup, sure did. But they did find time to put in place the giveaway for Paris Hilton.
I wanted to tear my hair out over the special election. Don't get me started on Arnold!...he's a big pain in my ass that won't go away...and I don't mean that literally of course. But he is a big pain in the ass. Arnold is evil... oh yes...e v i l.
They haven't had a raise since 2000? Well, then there is some good news here. The federal minimum wage hasn't been increased since 1997. So imagine the jump in the minimum wage when Congress finally gets a chance to vote on it.

It's the same all over the world, Kvatch - those in power look after themselves first. The distinction is often a very fine one between the government looting the country and leaving behind a hollow husk, and the government merely enriching themselves obscenely at the expense of the populace.

In Chicago, incompetence is worth about 18%, all you can embezzle, plus a fair chunk of graft.

In the Bahamas, incompetence is worth a huge mansion, an offshore bank account worth at least seven figures, a wife and two or three mistresses, a contract with the Cali cartels, and revocation of your diplomatic immunity in the U.S. Oh yes, and re-election.

In Utah, incompetence is God's Will, as long as it's part of the tenets of the LDS church. We're in the latter days anyway, so what's the rush to save the environment, or indeed, improve anything whatsoever? Jesus will fix it all when he arrives, which should be next week sometime.
P.S. thanks for rolling me!
Oh, I think Paris needs all the help she can get to trickle down her economics...
Ahhnold is an evil jerk and the biggest misogynist out there. I can't stand his corrupt, egotistical ass. Man this burns me up. Yeah, they won't raise the minimum wage but they'll give themselves some fat cash.

Helen, I was thinking the same damn thing. No minimum wage raise, yet 18% for the lawless makers?
It's the same all over the world, Kvatch - those in power look after themselves first.

Lukku, very true, but in this case the committee that recommended the increase is supposed to be an "independent" body.
This seems to be true of government jobs in general. If you do absolutely nothing, you get a raise. If you screw something up royally, you get a raise.

Between these California politicians and the US Congress, no wonder politics is so appealing to people who just want to make a fast buck. It wasn't supposed to be that way.
Tom, the raise itself is rather modest, 3% / year over the six years of no pay increases. My problem is with giving raises to officials that insist on wasting California's money in really obvious, visible ways.

I'd be really happy if Governor Ahrnult had to pay for his fracking special election out of his own pocket.
The legislators in Pennsylvania voted themselves a hefty increase last year, which resulted in an uprising by the citizens. The raise was overturned and many of the incumbents were booted of out office in the primaries.

Can California do something similar or does the fact the commission okayed the raises prevent that?
I don't think that the raises could be overturned except by retracting Prop 112 (?). Ballot initiatives in California are treated as "directives" to the legislature and cannot be overturned. (At least I think that's the way it goes.)

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