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Are you as tired as I am of all this politics, politics, politics?! I knew it, and Dr. Kvatch has the cure. Today at Blognonymous we say "politics gets the boot".

On the health front, a new study suggests that an ingredient in beer may prevent prostate cancer and enlargement. And as if good news about your prostate weren't enough, a Kaiser Permanente study of 125,000 people concludes that coffee consumption helps lower your risk of cirrhosis of the liver.

Outstanding! Beer for the prostate. Coffee for the liver. Wine for the arteries, and vodka to keep me from tearing my hair out on a daily basis. I'm set! :-)


Coffee may help me with cirrhosis of the liver...but the beer definitely won't help me in the prostate department. Damn! It's just not fair! Ummm, Vodka!
I don't have a prostate, so I can't justify my copious beer consumption on those grounds. But I am happy to hear the news about my other drug of choice -- dear, sweet coffee!
Let's not forget chocolate. Dark is good for blood pressure, I think and milk chocolate is good for your brain. I might have that mixed up, but the important thing is to consume enough beer (if you're a man), chocolate and coffee to stay in the peak of health.
Now this is some beautiful science.
Sumo, Betty, need a reason to drink beer? I once had a dentist tell me to drink more beer because it generally makes one a nicer person. How about that?

Ms. Yenta, how right you are. Sugar, caffeine what's not to love.
Not only that! I just discovered that the Scots invented football over 400 years ago. And they still didn't qualify for the World Cup.
Under Bush's voodoo economics, I can't afford beer, coffee, wine or much of anything else. It will take major surgery (impeachment) to cure me!

(Sorry, I just had to put politics back into the equation.)
Don't forget the positive health effects of garlic and chiles. I generally just go on the assumption that whatever I enjoy is probably good for me.
That's great news for the guys especially. Drink lots of beer to reduce the risk of prostate cancer and then drink lots of coffee to reduce the risk of cirrhosis of the liver from drinking too much beer. I love it! I'm buying stock in all the beer and coffee companies.
Cartledge, you have to really suck to practice for 400 years and still not make it into the Cup!

Kathy...NO POLITICS! You trying to call down the smiting of the Almighty on me? :-)

Tom, garlic and chiles? Outstanding. I am all over it, though I don't think that chiles can really be called a vice. Well, at least outside of Minnesota, that is.
IMHO, the world's most perfect food is donuts. They're chewey, filling, delicious, they have absolutely no nutritional value, and they're hazardous to your health in a variety of ways.

So you would only eat them because you love them and eating them makes you happy. And since I believe a positive, happy attitude is an important ingredient of overall good healh, donuts are ultimately good for you.


On the other hand, I could be just rationalizing.
Well...what the dentist told you...that leaves me out for sure.
Come on froggy, the Scots are great. Everyone knows they produce the worlds finest engineers, but they are also the world champion piss-takers.
I guess they thought they'd give someone else a go with the football.
But Sumo, why? Are you a grouchy drunk?

Abi...ummmmm donuts! You know we have a place nearby that actually still bakes their own in the back. Very rare these days.

Cartledge, no doubt on the football score. Me? Didn't even know that they invented it.

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