Good Cop, Bad Cop

After six years of emasculating Congress with bullying, lies, propaganda, and outright disdain, the administration has realized that the President might actually need the legislative in order to forward his agenda. After all, signing statements are great for circumventing laws, but they're pretty useless when it comes to making law.

So as Bush's poll numbers dive like one of Cheney's hunting partners, the President is trying a new tactic, being nice. Senators are being asked into the Oval Office to discuss what's on their minds. Intimate cocktail parties for lawmakers and their spouses are being held on the Truman Balcony, complete with tours of the Lincoln Bedroom.

However, despite this Republican glastnost, it's hard for Bu$hCo to leave old habits behind. While the President plays kissy-face with Dennis Hastert (there's a visual I bet you didn't need over your morning coffee), the Veep has been unleashed to do Bush's dirty work, pressuring the Senate Armed Services Committee to bend the law to the administration's will--going behind Arlen Specter's back to keep the Judiciary Committee from investigating Bu$hCo's illegal domestic surveillance program.

Not that it will matter come December. Can you imagine Laura Bush inviting Nancy Pelosi on a tour of the Lincoln Bedroom:

Mrs. Bush: So Nancy...what do you think?
Rep. Pelosi: I think your husband's an idiot! Get me another G&T.


While Comrade Pelosi is a known drunk, "G&T" is actually code-speak for "Gore and Teddy," which is the Democrats' preferred ticket for 2008.

Fear her, America!
Mmmm gin and tonic. As much as I want to see a Democratic led House (and I believe it will happen this year), I'm not a big fan of Pelosi.

I do like Harry Reid though.
but comrade?? Come on, stop drinking the kool-aid, take of your tin-foil hat and come back to the real world.
Rep. Pelosi continues: "Hey, whom do you use for your intimate gratifications? I know you can't be getting any from the W, since he's one of the most uptight white men on the planet. Your sexual service must be great, and I want to know where I can get some action round here. The Lincoln bedroom's as good a place for it as any..."

Oh yeah, think for yourself and stop listening to Savage.
I think it is high time that congress pronounced 'Presidential Infallibility'.
It fits this government’s MO of simply renaming whatever doesn’t work.
But if Bush proclaims himself a god and starts having intimate relations with his horse, I’m out of here!
I predict this Bolten-orchestrated charm offensive will produce zero results. I'm unsurprised to learn that Bush's one friend in the legislature is Judd Gregg, another do-nothing scion of a political family who achieved his status on the coattails of his father.

If Bush is serious about getting in touch with congress, he'll need to serve something stronger than lemonade and iced tea.
If Bush is serious about getting in touch with congress, he'll need to serve something stronger than lemonade and iced tea.

Betty, so true! Long Island Iced Tea and Lemon Drops (the vodka kind)?

Cartledge, if Bush prostitues Bill Frist's wife, I don't even want to know.

Rex, "Gore and Teddy" or "Teddygore" Eeeewwww!
James, I don't think that it'll be Pelosi anyway. Someone will challenge her.

WS, now there was an overshare. Is Pelosi married? I can't remember...just checked it out...Paul Pelosi. Hmmm, gonna have to share that bedroom.
Well, I really loved the hell out of your first paragraph..sums this shit up quite nicely..thanks Kvatch :)

Pelosi is a bitch..as are most women in power.I don't mean this as a knock to ol Nance..just saying.

The Shrub is kissin ass all over the place lately..gasp..but it is election season..more holy than hunting season.
It's a bit late in the relationship for Bush to suddenly appear on Capitol Hill with flowers and chocolate. I think his concern is purely personal: he's afraid of what will happen if the Democrats accidentally win control of one or both houses of Congress.
My pleasure Dusty. The Kowboy Koward is gonna git to kiss ass for about 5 more months and then, all the chocolate and flowers in the world (to use the Local Crank's words) won't help him.

Hey LC what's the conventional wisdom on November...which house? Both? Neither?
in an aside this is quite sometjiong

Robert Byrd Makes History as Longest-Serving Senator

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