For Homeland Security Ideas, Look to "24"?

While the Department of Homeland Security behaves like a revolving door for government officials wanting to make a splash in the Paranoia Industrial Complex, the conservative Heritage Foundation is busy sponsoring meetings on how the Fox drama 24 impacts America's image in the so called War on Terror. And get this...not only were DHS officials like Michael Chertoff present, but so was Rush Limbaugh and members of the show's cast.

Perhaps the foundation is worried that the American public is too stupid to tell fiction from fact? Or perhaps they just want to appear as if they're doing something useful. Regardless, I suspect we'll soon see a forum exploring the similarities between ABC's recently concluded series Alias and the CIA.

"DCI Hayden: So Mr. Sloan where can CIA get it's hands on a Rambaldi Device?"

Frankly, anything that keeps the Heritage Foundation occupied with trivia makes me happy.


I've been boycotting 24 as it condones the use of torture. I realize that it's merely entertainment, but entertainment can work as propaganda as well.
24...the policy maker DVD coming soon.
Lew, you know I'm addicted to "24", but this kind of nonsense is just sad. Of course, it would be worse if it was...say...the Brooking's Institution. ;-)

TPM, cool! Where can I get a copy of that? At Amazon? How about on Netflix?
The right has this really sick fascination with this show.
...and this is just plain WRONG.

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