Dispatches From the Battle for a Discriminatory Constitution

Bush is too embarrassed to flog the Federal Marriage Amendment in public...
Moves the press conference to the Old Executive Office building and then refuses to take questions.

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough calls Bush's support "pandering".

The FMA is a non-issue for the under 40 crowd.
And they'll be in charge soon enough making this kind of discrimination a thing of the past.

Senator Rick Santorum thinks that every attempt to attack gay marriage is a winning posture.
Or perhaps it's another chance to show the electorate what a bunch of stupid bigots their leaders really are.


God, I hope Santorum is the Republican candidate for president in 2008.
I find it incredulous that the Senate is taking several days to debate this issue (or should I say non-issue). I agree with you Kvatch that this is extemely discriminatory. I can't believe that some of them (thankfully a minority) want to actually amend the Constitution so that it includes intolerance.
Abi, would that be great or what? But if he loses his Senate seat they'll never go with him. Who wants to back a loser?

Elsa, well you know everybody has to get their say. Of course most will just be speechifying to an empty chamber. Is it a coincidence that this debate is taking place on 6.6.06? I don't think so...
Also, notice how quickly Bush got off the subject. A speech yesterday morning, applause, applause, then off to a fundraiser, then down to the border to make a show of immigration.

He must really believe in this, eh?

I'm sure he eats and sleeps it 24/7!
I guess this the reason Bush thinks he won in 2004. He doesn't know the word is out about massive vote fraud because he only reads Rolling Stone to see if his name pops up in Random Notes.
He must really believe in this, eh?

Sumo, Mikevotes...Not only that, but I bet he's all over this in the coming days. How many speeches do you think we can count on?

Lew, it's not vote fraud when the votes are swinging your way.
Do you think their "people" really want bigots as representatives?

O! Sorry... Rhetorical question.
... it's not vote fraud when the votes are swinging your way.

Damn! I keep forgettin' that part. Guess our Preznit's okidoki afterall. {shakin'head}
Michael...kinda like that characterization as a nickname, "Preznit Okidoki". Can you imagine him in a cabinet meeting:

Cheney: Sir, we need to nuke Iran.
Bush: Okidoki!

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