Democratic Talking Points - The Coulter Factor

Ann Coulter - Republican
Is this the party you want representing you?

Thanks to KnightErrant @ A Little Reality for the inspiration.


Thought of another way to word it:

Does the party that defends this woman really represent you?

Or is that too long?
Criticizing her from the GOP side of things could be a Sista Souljah moment for some prospective 2008 candidate. Perhaps we're too far away from 2008 for that to happen yet?
What a square jaw she has!
R-bE, I was thinking for the midterms. The idea being to get Republicans thinking about what their party really stands for.

Debra, big too. In fact, I'd like to have a jaw like hers. ;-)
Sadly, there are numerous talking points the Democrats could be using going into the midterms, and have chosen none of them.
Good god man, I don't want her anywhere near my party. She's a party poop!
Republican - Party of Coulter and Cheney. Both eat kittens.
I've been seeing her so often now that I think I'm falling in love. Somebody please take me out back and shoot me.
Oh man! I just noticed! Look at the ears on that bitch! Hoo-wee, they're bigger than Raymond's wife on Everybody Loves Raymond! And then she tucks her hair behind them. She is really a frightful monster!
PoP, she don' get to come to my parties. No-sir-ee!

Mary, true...true.

PT, you are a sick individual. I think you need to head right out and put a sign on a freeway. Right now!

Lew, OMG you're right. She's either vulcan or an elven.
My new bumper sticker says,

"Had enough?"

"Vote Democratic!"
Coulter (and Limbaugh and Hannity and all the rest) are to political debate what pro wrestling is to the Olympic Games. Hardly cutting-edge, she's really a throwback to 19th Century politics (read some of the stuff they printed about Lincoln in Democratic newspapers), only she has a larger bullhorn. Al Franken and others are wasting their time fact-checking her screeds--facts and the truth are completely irrelevent. Her mission is to spew crap (the more outrageous and ludicrous the better) that reinforces the prejudices of a small wing of the GOP base. She tosses them red-meat, and keeps people of the Left riled up about her, instead of focusing on the most important work: winning elections.
LC, don't disagree with a thing you said, but I don't think that invalidates using Coulter to embarass that critical...say...15% of the Republican base that might be persuaded to vote Democrat.

Getting the Democratic party to focus is a different issue.

And James, like the sticker. Simple and to the point. Republicans have been winning by distilling everything down for years
ACK! It's Ann/dy again!
All I can say is that she is one of my least favorite Replublicans - along with Rush Limbaugh, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, etc.
Elsa, I think that a list of "least favorite Republicans," would just be too long to enumerate.
That's why I left it with "etc". I was on my lunch break, not a summer break! :)
She's just a vile person, capitalizing on whatever makes her the most money & fame.

I think the word is "elfen," though, Kvatch.
Every time someone votes Republican, a kitten dies.
1138...welcome. Thanks for stopping by. And regarding what you said about kittens...so true. In fact, Blognonymous covered that very topic here.

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