CSS Is Eating My Brain...

Sorry for the light (read: "non-existent") posting today. I've been working on a new template for Blognonynmous, and screwing around with cascading style sheets is eating my brain.

If you'd like a little preview, click this link, take a gander, and let me know what you think.


Honestly, I find the background too distracting. I like your current one.
I kind of like the effect. Is that the Bay Bridge and Treasure Island in the background?
Lew, PT, thanks for the comments.

Lew...fair enough, but do you think it would be less distracting if I repositioned the image to get the darker areas out from under the main body of text?

PT, indeed it is. Copied a great photo from Tom Hilton (If I Ran the Zoo), and washed it through a few Photoshop filters.
Pretty nice. I have been comtemplating a new look for my blog as well. Not sure what I would do tho. I'd prefer a template that is easy to alter in Blogger without too much trouble, seeing as how I have a limited comprehension of this thing called "code".

Any suggestions?
well I looked at it, stared real hard, but maybe it's like those hidden picture things that you have to cross your eyes to see ... I honestly can't see ANY background except POSSIBLY some little creamy colored bands that may be the result of staring too hard! Sounds nice, though. D.K.
Where are the lily pads?!
I really like the overall presentation.

Background does make my eyes cross a bit, but the pic itself is nice. Maybe if you make it a little lighter?
I'd prefer a template that is easy to alter in Blogger without too much trouble, seeing as how I have a limited comprehension of this thing called "code".

Any suggestions?

Well one thing I'd do is stay away from Blogger's standard templates. Many of them are really complex--so many directives in the style sheet that you don't get predictable results when you change things. The template that I'm using as a basis for what you saw cam from here: http://blogtemplates.noipo.org

Another thing that I recommend for any template work is a decent XML editor. I have a commerical one, but even a simple text editor helps because you simply need to see more of the template than Blogger allows in that little window. Also keep a backup of your template somewhere so you can replace it if something goes wrong.
Abi, the contrast on the background changes a lot depending on the screen your seeing it on. On my PowerBook it looks creamy. On my HP you can hardly see it at all and it has a grey cast.

I may ditch the picture altogether in favor of a regular pattern. the biggest thing I'm trying to achieve is the scaling right hand column, and I think that I've finally got that worked out.

Sumo, sorry no lilly pads. I wanted something having to do with Babylon by the Bay. Hence the picture of the Bay Bridge.
I like it a lot. Love what you did with the photo!
Tom... :-) :-) :-)

But here's a question. Do you think the center section of the photo, superimposed under the post text, is distracting? I wonder if I should fade it on that side.
I liked what I saw even though I prefer a darker background. Old eyes need all the help they can get.

When I redid mine I had to run back and forth between my Powerbook and the Vaio, what a pain.

I have a Greasemonkey script that expands the blogger window. Blogger large post editor and a template editor. Very handy. I think I got it from A Consuming Experience.
I did attempt to post earlier, with a qualified thumbs up.
(not sure who ate the post)
Frankly, having recently set up a full CMS, complete with arcane php on top of css etc, template manipulation became a case of 'near enough is good enough'.
Having had my whine, I quite like your background image.
I like it very much. And I agree that the templates from noipo.org are much easier to work with than blogger templates.
Looks good, Kvatch. I too am changing templates and I don't know anything about that. It's been a long hard road that I should have stayed the hell off, but I'm in too deep. I'm going double side bar. Oh yeah. Look out.

So many of my favorite blogs are changing templates. Didn't Rove say nobody rolls out new product in the summer?
I liked the new template and found it loaded much faster for me in internet explorer.

I'm ignorant about this stuff, but how is CSS different from a standard blogger template?
Cartledge, Ms. Yenta, Kathy thanks for the compliments.

Debra, I'm punching up the contrast on many of the items to make it easier to see against the background.

Kathy, it should load faster as the layout is much simpler than a typical Blogger Template, and on the subject of CSS: CSS (or cascading style sheets) are just all those directives at the top of the template that control spacing, coloring, margins...essentialy anything that has to do with "style" rather than "content"). Blogger's standard templates are sometimes so heavy with overlapping CSS directive that they are very hard to change. This new template I'm using is much simpler.

A day or two more and everyone will get to see the final result.
Station Agent, it was Andy Card who said it. But the idea is certainly Rovian.

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