Can you design this bomb?

Cartledge @ Talk About Corruption has found an interesting item. Seems the US is funding a design competition for the next generation of nuclear warheads. Now I'm not sure who's allowed to enter this competition, but I'll bet the Blogsphere can do a better job than a bunch of eggheads.

For instance, here at Blognonymous we think that all the hip nukes will be wearing tie-dye next year.


hey, kvatch! Can you muster your Komanndo force to join in a cooperative enterprise?

Will you join us in a Post for Peace on July 4? Details at my site. All are encouraged to join...the top 2 posts have information. We want to get the blogworld to work cooperatively to send a lou unified message to end the war. Please join us.
This is a nuke? I thought it was an overhead view of a water closet.
How about pink? Pink is supposed to be the new black (does that make black the old pink? who decides this crap?)the truly cutting edge nukes will all be pink, making them look like a giant booby missing it's match!
tie dye is so passe, now isn't it? Every thing should come in red white and blue, no?
The new weapons will probably be used for corporate wars, so fair's fair: why not corporate sponsorships? It's private sector and capitalistic! Bombs could be plastered with logos and team colors like NASCAR. "This warhead brought to you by Taco Bell: Yo Quiero Mutually Assured Destruction!"

Yes, these weapons might actually pay for themselves! It's a win-win!
Glenda, it would be my pleasure. I'll pop over presently.

Lew, it's actually a "low-flow" nuke that I guess I'm going have to paint red, white, and blue per Windspike's suggestion.

Mr_Blog, that's the ticket. Corporate sponsorship..."Got Rads?"
Sup, Kvatch.

I think it's quite important to have fashionable bombs. What would the Iranians think of us if the last thing they saw was some blah-zay looking gray piece of crap.

It's all about the flash before the flash.
tie dye, I'm all about tie dye.

if yer gonna be nuked at least you should have a glimpse of somethin' pretty for yer skin melts off...
Not sure if I could design a bomb, but I think I could design a condom that looks exactly like this bomb.
I think Mr. Blog's corporate sponsorship idea is spot on. Future news release:

"The village converted into a crater by an Exxon Mobil GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb."
Thanks froggy, but your design strikes me as having all the charm of one of those new pimp cars; certainly offensive, if only to good taste.
I’ve been working on the second-generation smart bomb concept. I’m just having problems defining smart.
Is it smart, as in classical well attired?
Or perhaps smart in that it can actually calculate 1+1 as 2, unlike most designers of these things.
Could be smart as in, ouch, that smarts; or street smart, like is that a bee buzzing behind your ear? Always a great diversionary tactic.
But I’m inclined to the smart arse type smart. “Hey, take Bin Laden. Please! Boom Boom, as the British say.
SA, right you are. "Flash before the flash." LOL!

Callooh, perhaps flashing neon signs on the side?

Ms. Cracker, tailor the sponsorship to the theater. Oil companies for oil-rich countries? I like it.

Cartledge. My pleasure, but shouldn't a smart bomb be able to convince the enemy that it's better to just capitulate so the bomb doesn't actually have to go off? Now that's smart.
I'm with Callooh...tie-dye is the "bomb"! Heh heh heh!
froggy, now that is a real design concept, the 'bully bomb'! The politicians would even understand that.

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