Bush Is Listening, Use Big Words

You know they're listening. You don't have encryption. So what do you do? USE BIG WORDS!

I pledge allegiance to the multi-hued standard of the United States of America and to the democratic, bicameral, representative form of government for which it stands–-one nation under a supreme, monotheistic, Judeo-Christian deity, having quanta-like properties--with self-determining autonomy and legal due-process for all.

How will you confuse them?

Thanks to The Unspunblog for the inspiration.


...By keeping my fingers crossed while I talk on the phone.
I enthusiatially comprehend the jist of the outgoing threadlike communication form....

WAND indeed!! Hmmmphh. All the women get those emails.

Now get thee back to the encryption table, frog!
Be aware that any attempts at obfuscation, archaisms or even correct language conventions in your pontifications will mark you now and henceforth, dear froggy.
One must adhere to inelaborate, unambiguous annotations in all communications, preferably employing those nauseating truncated confabulations so often espied on the electronic media.
RB, hey the "Robot Buddha crossing of the fingers"! I knew it!

Glenda, we all know that you wand needs no enhancement.

Cartledge, I am incapable of being inelaborate in my vocalizations.
While I, of course, openly embrace the government's paternalistic review of my conversations, often times I'll pepper my chats with lobbyist friends of mine with unsubstantiated allegations about fellow bloggers.
I confuse them with dualism
Painting one side
and then the other
knowing full well
the other is never the druther
Hhana: SLF always choose to polysyllabic as frequently as possible.
Dhana:Monosyllabic grunts are prime indicators of LLF.
...with unsubstantiated allegations about fellow bloggers.

A veritable People Magazine of the Blogpshere, huh?
Are allegators related to frogs?
If someone is about to become an allegator I'd like to know who they are...

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