Bu$hCo Wastes Money Even While Violating Your Civil Liberties

Can someone please explain to me why my government is spending $30M on phone records that they purchased from data brokers when they already have the biggest, fattest f*cking data shunt straight from AT&T to NSA? WTF?! Haven't they heard of sharing the goddamned information? I mean if I'm going to have my civil liberties violated, then the so-called party of fiscal restraint could at least have the intelligence not to bill me twice for it.


You are a reasonable frog, Kvatch, and you think in a reasonable manner. However, as the article points out, they used the data brokers because it was quicker and easier than subpoenas.

Their behavior reminds me of my son when he was a teenager. He used information when he needed a phone number because he was too lazy to get the yellow pages out of the cupboard. The first two calls were free each month, but after that I paid $1.50 each.

The government is like that teenager. They're lazy, and it's not their money, so why bother.
This makes me maaaaaaaad.

And they have the nerve to claim the dems are the party of fiscal irresponsibility. What was our surplus that the shrub blew? 300 billion or trillion or somesuch?

Now THIS?!? Aaaagh. The are like an irresponsible teenager! The GOP reminds me of myself at 15! That's not a good thing.
I think you are underestimating the situation, stopping at double dipping. You have probably paid up several times before it gets to this stage.
But yes, as you have paid a pretty penny for all this collected data, I do think you should have access to it. When you do, let me know. I have some traces I’d like to do.
"The so-called party of fiscal restraint" has left the building and joined the so-called party of small government and "stay out of your personal life/bedroom". Oh, wait a minute, that's the same party.
Well, the first batch got kicked back to the Republicans in the form of soft money, so they needed to spend more!
Kathy, it's easy being reasonable when you only have 5 brain cells. But seriously, I can certainly understand where they'd want to bypass those pesky subpoenas. I just don't want to get charged twice (or multiple times as Cartledge so wisely reminded us). Albert ain't no pimply teenager.

Elsa, whither the Republican party, huh?
Why? Cause technically the gummint can't collect that data on their own...Ofcourse, I don't know why they care, it's not like laws stop Bush...

Shouldn't WE be the ones selling ouur personal data? And shouldn't WE get a cut of whatever ever frickin profit these traitorous companies are making off us?
Shouldn't WE be the ones selling ouur personal data? And shouldn't WE get a cut of whatever ever frickin profit these traitorous companies are making off us?

It's odd that you should mention that idea, since a few years ago I was involved in a technology startup that was focussed on doing exactly that. We went bankrupt.
Yes, it's our data, and of course we will not only not get paid for the use the gov't makes from it to spy on us - we're paying them for the privilege!

There's a sickening sort of symmetry to the whole thing - weirdly beautiful in its awful completeness.
Sickening. Its one of so many RIDICULOUS things that they get away with on a daily basis. How every single citizen of reasoning age cannot see this is beyond me.

Good post!
Alicia, you're sounding almost Vader-ish. "We have all of their data. Now their failure is complete!"

Chuck, thanks. Obviously the issue of bypassing warrants and subpoena's is the issue here. I just didn't know, after so many other articles had been posted on this, how to call peoples attention to it. (Gotta have that snarky angle. It's sort of my calling card.)

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