Back In Fine Form, Rove Confuses Left and Right

Karl Rove on the effectiveness of liberal bloggers (from The Raw Story) -
Instead of "focusing on good ideas," Rove opined that the "Internet for the Left of the Democratic Party" only "mobilize hate and anger."
And so in the interest of being 'fair and balanced', I note some examples of uplifting rhetoric from my favorite right-wing blogs:

From Crush Liberalism (Johnathan Leffingwell, the author, typically bans anybody who argues with him) -
Like I said, piss off. Get "Hooked on Phonics" and see what that means. You're as tiresome as your old lady was last night.

From the Right Wing Howler (Vilmar is one of the most offensive bloggers in the nutsphere) -
Given that liberal women also tend to live in urban environments, are not well educated, rely on the government for their welfare, generally are not married, etc. it's a good thing they don't bring potential criminals into our society.

A comment at The Museum of Left Wing Lunacy (what goes on here borders on incitement) -
I don't want to refute you, you liberal retard, I would like to see you beheaded by your beloved islamofascist friends though. You liberal scum aren't worth wasting words on, but I'd be glad to spend a dime for a bullet.

And finally a choice bit from Atlas Shrugs whose author Pamela would give Ann Coulter a run for her money -
The attempted coup has begun. I don't know if fear is the right word, but I do believe Democrats are traitors.

Apparently Karl Rove can't tell his left from his right.


Excellent, Kvatch. I hate that Rove guy!


How implaiusible is the notion that "the left" is using us for anything?

But what you say is much less important than how you look and how you talk, so I think we're in good shape when Karl shows up on television.
Obviously Mr Rove is giving you 'liberals' (or progressives as we prefer in the antipodes where the Liberal is a nasty conservative) a strong hint on strategic campaigning.
All you really need to do is echo, long and loud, Rove et al's crapola.
If it works for him, finds a mark in the miserable brain dead multitudes, it should work equally well for the loveable left.
'How implaiusible is the notion that "the left" is using us for anything?'

For one thing, that would require "liberals" to actually be organized, something that hasn't happened since approximately 1932. As for the conservatives, I've noticed that they have been rapidly descending into foaming_at_the_mouth, howling_at_the_moon, sheer unfettered batshit insanity since Bill Clinton was first elected. The internet merely magnifies and focuses the screech, like a giant digital sewer-pipe, while providing the anonymity that allows for such "courage".
What irony!! I can't even believe Rove could say that with a straight face - although he's good at spinning and manipulating (practice makes perfect) and conveniently forgetting what his right-wing bloggers and radio talk show hosts do and say. Unbeleivable.
Yes, irony! Esp. as it's posted by the man who deployed the Kommandos! That was a pretty darn good idea.
What a windbag with a few strands of lanky hair.
Hearing that hypocritical tool complain about hate and anger from political opponents is like listening to George Steinbrenner bitch about how big salaries are ruining baseball.
Had that lil' shit served any time in the military himself he might have learned his left from his right.
I thought they were uniters not dividers...who's fault is their problem?
Kvatch m'dear frog..do you feel the need for a shower after reading all those rightwing nutjobs? I am afraid I would have to...
A good selection of quotes, Kvatch. I think the lesson here is that we should never let our children grow up to be Republicans. People will wonder what kind of parents we were.
Betty, Steinbrenner. :-)

RB, WS...No truer words. I think it's a projecting thing--tag the left with whatever it is that you're doing.

Dusty, I used to traffic on those blogs so no need to wash off. I am a frog after all.

Kathy, the problem is that most parents get whatever it is that they don't want visited on them by their kids.
I think the fact that Rove even acknowleged Lefty bloggers shows that he considers us powerful enough at this point to at least sway the election a little bit. This guy is a propagandist, I think he was speaking in code to the base making sure that blogs were considered evil and "left" just like the media and how we want to cancel Christmas and all that.

I take it as a compliment.
I take it as a compliment.

You're right, it is a sort of backhanded compliemnt. Though whenever Rove focusses his attention on something, I get nervous. I'm expecting some kind of campaign against left-wing bloggers real soon.

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