The Administration Takes 6.6.06 In Stride

Washington (f-A-ke. P.) -

Q: Tony does the administration have any comment on reports that the Anti-Christ was seen shopping for burgundy pillow shams at a Pottery Barn in San Francisco's Castro district?

MR. SNOW: Well the President feels--and I'm sure we all agree--that this isn't surprising. What have you got here? A California city [wink, wink] that bans military recruitment in public schools, calls protecting Americans against terrorists 'impeachable', considers banning JROTC?! I think these actions speak for themselves.


Everyone know Satan's spawn shops Target.
In Sodom by the Sea nobody...not even the Devil himself...shops at Target! Clearly Satan is shopping to furnish a new home, and you know what that means...he's here to get married!

We need another Constitutional amendment.
You really resent that Kermit didn't get the mouthpiece job! Come on, admit it.
Speaking of SF banning stuff, why don't we ban the president? Who needs that guy. for that matter, let's ban the rest of the USofA. They so drag down our economic might!!!
Cartledge...you're a genius! Resent it? I'm livid, but I'll soon fix that problem. ;-)

Denisdekat...love to. How? Do we just need to get Gavin, or maybe Aaron Peskin, to do a signing statement?
There is an upside here for Democrats. Someone should ask Tony how he fells about this post Rapture electorial map.

Hmmm, interesting that the president..er..I mean Satan would need new shams. Wonder what kind of party he's planning for tonight? You know, after his base...er...the forgiven are swept up in the rapture.
I'm in for banning the fearless decider leader...just say when and how!
I'm sorry, but when I need new pillow shams, I rather prefer the Ed Gein method-human skin!
The Decider IS the anti-Christ. He preaches peace, freedom, and democracy while waging war and establishing fascism. He also has the Christians duped. He's as anti-Christ as it gets.
Gratis, PoliS are you both trying to tell me that it was Bush in that Pottery Barn? I don' think so--might get accosted by uppity homosexuals wanting to get married or something.

Mr. Devil, Sir respectfully...eeeewwwww! You aren't from Wisconsin by any chance, are you?
Burgandy is so out! No self respecting heathen would be seen dead carrying those, especially in the Castro!:-)
I thought green was the new burgandy
PoP...well green *is* always in style ;-) , but I think that The Great Deceiver (that's Satan I'm talking about...not Bush) has this thing for shades of red.

WS, are you kidding? Burgundy shams, flames, brimstone? Says "yes" to me!
Now your talking Kvatch. Brimstone is H.O.T Hot. But I always considered that a blood red rather than some shade of burgundy...but then again, I am splitting hairs, not unlike some of my pals from the Castro who would debate the color of a one panel slat on a shutter before deciding it's all Khaki.
Ha! Nice one... Quite funny!

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