Activist Judges Are Fine, When They're Ours

With last week's ruling relaxing restrictions on police searches, it becomes clear that Republican outrage over so-called "activist judges" is little more than base hypocrisy--a tactic to used to minimize the influence of the judicial, the one branch of government that tends to stick to the center.

Did the Veep squeak about new police power to barge into private homes without an announcement? Nope. Did AG Gonzales level an iota of his usual criticism on the activist supremes? Nope. In short...did anyone at Bu$hCo so much as open their pie-holes when the Scalitsoson Court threw out 100 years of precedent? Again no. Not like this should come as a surprise. The plain fact is that the right loves activist judges, as long as they're making conservatives happy.


Word. And the same hypocrites will applaud wildly if Bush-appointed judges manage to roll back religious freedoms enshrined in the US Constitution.
Activism is in the eye of the beholder, now isn't it?
Not only activism but the press..the right bitches and the left bitches about the MSM's preceived bias. I just think they suck and one can not expect anything but a money making venture out of huge corportations..which the MSM is made of.

Sorry, I got off topic there.

There is very little we can do but legislate changes with the current crop of judges. They will not protect us.
Ms. Cracker, WS...like I said it's a tool, not a belief--a means to an end.

Dusty, not so stuck maybe. Roberts and Alito, yeah we're probably stuck with them for a while, but Scalia and Thomas? Who knows when they might take leave of the court. I'm rooting for soon.
Just as the right will accept a dictatorship in the US as long as it's a right wing dictatorship.
Al Qaeda-Linked Group Claims Kidnapping of GIs

Anon, I don't know. Considering the source, I'd say a fraternity prank.

Oh wait...you were serious. OK how about this: "Kidnapping," seems to be MSM (or Faux News) spin for what happened. Which brings up an interesting point: The US seems pretty hot to make sure that this is viewed as the actions of a bunch of criminals. So, assuming this group doesn't kill the soldiers, whose to say that this doesn't qualify as a "capture"?

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