7 Days? Bah! One All Nighter After A Raging Drunk

It's come to light that the beloved and recently departed Pope, John Paul II felt that physicists should avoid studying the beginnings of the universe, "...because that was the moment of creation and the work of God." Stephen Hawking, perhaps the most famous theoretical physicist of his generation, let this little nugget drop at a lecture at Hong Kong University on Thursday.

But here at Blognonynmous we don't think that this is the whole story. What the Pope was really afraid of was that physicists might discover that rather than taking 7 day to create the universe, God screwed around for the first 6 at a kegger thrown by Lucifer, and then pulled an all-nighter.

Explains a lot doesn't it?


Well we've let the religionists have a good shot at scewing mother earth.
So now the physicists want to f**k the rest of the planets as well.
I say why waste time and energy going 'out there' when we still haven't completed the job here.
Hhana: The main purpose of religion is to keep true knowledge away from the masses as truth would expose religion as a fraud.
Dhana: Science has said "Let there be light" and it has been more consistent than Christianity ever since.
So that explains the platypus.
Dan Brown, after breaking the code, confirmed that you were on to something with this 6 days of screwing around. Literally. Not drinking. Well not the whole time that only came late in the afternoon and night of the sixth day. Just in case you were curious.
And how!
Cartledge, yeah I heard Hawking's recent statement that for survival we need to get out there and colonize. So is it time for the space equivalent of the Ford Escalade--pile the kids in and go?

So that explains the platypus.

And so much more, Xsociate.

H&D, that may be me a misquote. I think the exchange actually was: God: "Let there be light..." Science: "Seems somewhat trite."

Rich, your comment gives me a whole new perspective on the Almighty. :-)
Family guy sums up the creation quite well. ^_^

Another idea for a t-shirt (another family guy reference):
My God did toad. Thanks, God.
[picture of platypus]
Stephen Hawking is a remarkable man in so many ways. He has overcome so many obstacles and yet does not give up. He is brilliant.

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