Whoops! What was that date again?

From the BBC:

The release of the video, taken from a Pentagon security camera, comes after a Freedom of Information Act request by legal watchdog Judicial Watch. The group said it hoped to dispel conspiracy theories about the crash. "Finally, we hope that this video will put to rest the conspiracy theories involving American Airlines Flight 77," president Tom Fitton said.

Yes sir...I can just feel those conspiracy theories being dispelled.


I second that hhhmmmmmm....
ahhh, now I see how a whole commercial airliner can fly for over a hundred yards at ground level without leaving a mark on the grass, and impact with a building and leave only a ten foot hole, with windows above left unbroken. I guess I'll have to give up my conspiracies. lol
Oh yeah, that'll dispel the rumors. ;^)

Personally, I don't buy the conspiracy theories. Certainly not because I trust the government, but in part because I personally know someone who saw the hijacked plane fly extremely low over a highway, followed immediately by an explosion at the Pentagon.

But it is incredibly ironic that the feds released a video with the wrong date!
I learned long ago that the Gov is capable of barely anything that requires coordination.
C'mon now, who among us can competently program a VCR, much less a security camera at the Pentagon?
What gets me is that the date doesn't correspond to anything. It's not UTC; not a day off with the right time; not 12 hours off. In short, it doesn't correspond to any common mistake that would normally be found on a tape.
You are becoming a bit of a conspiracy theorist. Then again, not all conspricay theories are of the tinfoil hat variety.
Kvatch... I came here to ask about the Kvatch's Kommandos and I saw that we have the same pix from the San Fran Gate on the Pentagon tape. Great minds truly think alike. But I did want to put a post up about the 26th and the Kommandos, but I wanted your full permission first. I know a craft store that sells those green guys by the boatload and I'm sure BabyGirl will have fun helping me w/ a project like this.
Did those asshats even notice the date on the film? I bet they didn't..they can't find their collective butts w/both hands.
That's hilarious!

Or maybe my Tinfoil Hat is just on too tight...

I'm with Betty Cracker on this one. Ain't likely to be a thang, but we've no reason what-so-ever to trust this current Admin, and we know that even our preferred leaders will "wag a dog" now and again, so...

So there's the "Hhhmmm..." element in it. Can't forget the "Hhhmmm..." Even if you don't trust it, either.

Just... wow. It's like they want their to be conspiracy theories--perhaps THAT is the conspiracy. Or part of the conspiracy.

This is what sucks about 9/11. The official story is so ridiculous, but all the conspiracy theories--and there are dozens if not hundreds--all fail to make sense as well. Sorting out the reality of what happened seems impossible.
For me...the real "conspiracy" is all of the news outlets, like the BBC where I got the quote, have chopped off the date information at the bottom of the photos. The San Francisco Chronicle didn't, and I'm sure there are others, but one wonders what percentage did vs. what percentage didn't.
I don't remember seeing a plane in that footage, did you?
Not enough frames. At about two per second the plane could have slipped in and out of view between shots. It was going 300 MPH, after all.
I really don't believe in the conspiracy theories out there. As someone on the Bill Maher show last week said (paraphrasing) - these conspiracy theories would have to assume that the government is competent (to pull it off) and that the government can keep a secret. No and no.

Plus, as much as I think the current admistration consists of extemely incompetent monarchists, I don't think even they would ever, ever be behind anything like this.

Well I don't believe any of the conspiracy theories regarding American 77 (Pentagon). I was just amused by the brain-dead statement of the guy from Judicial watch. I mean how can anyone who's actually seen the dates say publically that he hopes the release of the tape quiets the speculation? :-)
Yes, that was the attack the next day. No one paid any attention because it was rush hour in Washington and everyone was in a hurry to get home for dinner and watch more replays.
Kvatch - You're absolutely right - I agree with you on that one. The date certainly will raise more speculation from the conspiracy theorists.

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