What are 750 laws compared to the defense of liberty?

The l'bruls are all upset about reports that our courageous President has violated more than 750 laws while in office, but as we all know Mr. Bush answers to a higher authority, FREEDOM--well, and the Almighty, but mostly FREEDOM! And if you examine the laws in question, as we here at Blognonymous have done, you find that most of them are silly and can be broken down as follows:
  • 256 instances of "persuading" evil-doers to give up America-hating and to cooperate with us in the global war on...uh...whatever it is that we're calling it today
  • 8 closed door meetings with environmental experts from ExxonMobil, ChevronTexaco, and Royal Dutch Shell
  • 150 opportunities to reign in hippie librarians with a well-timed subpoenas
  • 30 instances of telling Congress that they shouldn't worry their pretty little heads about how the administration is using the Patriot Act
  • 116 all expense paid vacations to Rumy's Home for Wayward America-destroyers
  • 18 "snakes-in-the-grass" that were encouraged investigate alternate opportunities after they tattled on the administration
  • 36 bazillion intercepted communications between terrorists and freedom-hating collaborators here in the America (...but we'll only count these as one, since all the data went to the same place)
As for the other 170 or so violations...who knows what the Boston Globe is talking about--commie editors counting some of those last 36 bazillion phone calls, no doubt.


this has got to get doen...

Moussaoui Deliberations Enter Second Week
WHAT IN HOLY HELL HAPPENED TO MY FAVORITE FROG BLOG? I go away for a few days and look at what happens. My amphibian's had a brain hemorhage or something. This blog now reeks of Rex Kramer. Ugh.
My amphibian's had a brain hemorhage or something.

Not a hemorhage my dear PT. I'm just using every brain cell I have to love America. ;-)
I LOVE what you've done to the place, Frog. More importantly, America loves it!

Now be honest, wasn't the Kool-Aid delicious?
What wonderful changes! I came here under directives from my favorite patriot to find you have repented!Mr. Kramer should apply this to all the other America hating blogs so we can all enjoy the freedom of God's country with out dissent!
Rex, Carrie...everybody...BIG GROUP HUG! (In a totally patriotic, manly, and platonic way of course.)
Oh Jesus H. Christ driving a motorhome.... I swear if there is some Kool-Aid drinking group hug going on here, I'm gonna stab myself in the eyes 750 times.

I guess that would be okay as long as I leave my ovaries alone. B/c even if blind, I can still be a birthing cow for the Lord...
Am-am I at the wrong blog? I thought this was Blognonymous, not Rex Kvatcher, Frogger Seeker.
Can I get that sung to the tune of 'The 12 Days of Christmas'?
Rex is a very persuasive fellow
What the fff-rog . . .

What happened here, Kvatch? Does Rex have photos of you splashing around the frog pond with frogettes other than Mrs. Kvatch?
Abi, nope Rex's Focus On the Freedom-hating Blog simply convinced me of the error of my ways. ;-)
It just proves how influential Mr Danger Seeker is. He brings out the best in lefty frogblogs.
Sumo...just wait. Tomorrow the new and improved Kvatch exits from deprogramming--All green twice the snark!
Maybe we could arrange a meeting, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and Dubya. And if they pray real hard Jesus might come down and tell him how to get oil prices lower. Because it is more than obvious none of the aforenamed individuals have a clue on their own.

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