Welfare for the Rich Signed Into Law

The ink isn't even dry on Bu$hCo's Welfare for the Rich bill and already the lies have begun. From the Washington Post -
President Bush today signed a $70 billion, election-year tax-cut package, predicting it will bring a "strong lift" to the economy and "help millions of Americans who are saving for the future."
A lie (duh!), as numerous sources have pointed out, including this blog, the cuts will help almost no one below the $150,000 level.
"The opponents of these tax cuts were wrong when they voted against them the first time," Bush said, referring to Democrats who opposed tax cuts passed by the Republican-controlled Congress in 2001 and 2003.
Wrong again President Neuman. The Dems were simply supporting sound fiscal policy and the majority of Americans who won't benefit a whit from your millionaire's welfare program. Maybe that's why polls show your support among middle and lower class Americans eroding like a New Orleans levee.
Bush said the tax cuts have benefited Americans at all income levels.
Bwahahahahahah! Might be true, if by "all" income levels you mean all the levels above $500,000 a year. And...as if these statements weren't enough, Bush issued another Indivisible Quantum of Stupidity by uttering the following, You cut taxes and the tax revenues increase.

Midterms here we come...


My sister just wrote me that she got a $1.64 check as "tax relief" from Bush's plan.

Who says the little guy gets left out? People should make a wall of checks under, say, 10 bucks. Call it, the wall of futility.
It occurs to me that it may cost the government at least 1.64 to send checks of that amount, so really, the tax relief becomes a burden - some one has to pay for the distrubition of such checks.

Zoiks. the folly of this government is so obvious it a three year old could figure it out.
You cut taxes and the tax revenues increase.

Hmmm...so, if you tell your boss you want a pay cut, you'll actually be making more money. Hot damn, we're on to something here...
Praguetwin, love the wall idea. Wonder how many people would be willing to donate their measly rebates to make such a protest?

Abi, I'm going to make my proposal tomorrow. :-) If I get it cut in half will my pay double?
So if all those revenues are going to come rolling in, I wonder why Bush signed a bill last month to raise the debt ceiling to $9 trillion? Lying sack of crap.
"There are Americans who earn less than $500,000/yr?" - Barbara Bush

Lying sack of crap.

Ms. Cracker, I'm shocked...shocked at your language. I think that in deference to our under 18 readers you should have said "prostrate receptacle of feces".

Mikevotes...and some of those don't even invest in Halliburton.
Ms. Cracker was soooo correct!
Sigh. I love that the "tax cut and spend Big Government conservatives" still get to smear people who wish to pursue a fiscally sane policies as "tax and spend liberals."
R-bE, I think we've coined a new term there. How about "Cut and Borrow Conservatives"?
'n I love the bill's name, too - "The Tax Increase Prevention Reconciliation Act of 2005". Such wonderful mangling of the English language would make Big Brother proud. What if they'd called it the "$70,000,000,000 Deficit Increase Act"? Yeah, riigghhtt.
Love the "... like NO levee" phrase. Any ideas who made it up?
Right you are, my anonymous friend. The language is completely bogus.

Rumunov, well I might have heard it somewhere but in the moment I thought that I made it up.
I'm not an economist, but I believe the reason the economy is "still going" is because of the prime interest rate decreases. This allowed businesses to borrow cheaply, thereby giving incentive to expand, etc. Also, the interest rate decreases were a big boon to Americans. Interest rate decreases allowed housing values to increase, thereby creating "found" equity in homes, thereby allowing homeowners borrow "found" money and allowing them to spend to jump-start the economy. I believe this brought MUCH more $ to the "average" American than the tax cuts.

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