Time For Episcopalians and Anglicans To Divorce

On Saturday the Episcopal Church's California diocese held it's first vote to install a new bishop in 27 years, and three of the candidates were openly gay or lesbian. The American branch of the Anglican Communion could have taken one more step on the path that led to Gene Robinson's installation as bishop in New Hampshire. The California diocese could have, in a single step, stopped a questionable tradition of elevating southern white men while at the same time demonstrating how inclusive a Christian church can be. They could have done these things...but they didn't.

Perhaps it's because California isn't really as inclusive a place as it likes to pretend. Maybe it's because the Episcopal Church's hierarchy continually warned of the dire consequences of electing "another" gay bishop. Maybe it's not about homosexuality at all since two of the candidates were women. Or maybe it has to do with the threats made by African and Latin American bishops or the relationships that these churches, arguably the center of gravity on the modern Anglican Communion, are making with American churches that object to Gene Robinson.

Whatever the reason, California's Episcopalians elected the Right Rev. Mark Andrus of Alabama, putting off the question of gays in the church for another day. But the question remains: When will American Anglicans follow their inclination to be inclusive and to discard the hate and loathing for homosexuals that continual flogging of the Old Testament engenders? The force of law with respect to church property is on the side of the Episcopalians. There is arguably no good reason for these two churches to stay together other than for the sake of tradition. Any American churches that wish to join up with their spiritual fellow travelers in Africa should be wished well but told politely to leave.

In short, it's time for the Episcopalians and the Anglicans to divorce.


That is one sure way of attracting the ire of the Sydney diocese, those self appointed 'god's policemen'.
If you have never heard of Archbishop Peter Jensen and his posse of the religious right you are in for a real treat.
Just as an indication, the Sydney Morning Herald ran the cheeky headline: Heterosexual elected Episcopal Bishop of California (http://www.smh.com.au/news/world/heterosexual-elected-episcopal-bishop-of-california/2006/05/07/1146940398178.html)
Fine post regarding the pious and the many... It would be a seperation of Church and Church right?... I suppose when they're done seperating from one another they can then work on making the seperation of "church" and "state" a reality! :>)
Religious intolerance of homosexuality? That's unheard of!
Heterosexual elected Episcopal Bishop of California

Cartledge...not to offend (oh hell, yes I do), but what Australia's well-heeled Anglicans think of the American Episcopal church matters to me not at all. If they want ally themselves with the homophobes of Africa and Latin America, more power to them. Perhaps California is not yet ready for a gay bishop, but that day is coming. The Anglican Communion as it exists now is not long for this earth.
Froggy my friend, if the Sydney diocese have their we you might well be right.
Note the city's religeous right still haven't worked out that they pray in vain for rain during the Sydney gay masrdi gras.
The sky clad revelers are not about to be stopped by a little precipitation.
I agree the jungles of the Amazon or darkest Africa would be an approriate destination for all narrow bigots of the world, so long as they leave the trees alone.
Why is it that religion is always a thorn in the side of the world? More like a barnacle...but that's just my opinion.
Maybe they SHOULD split up. Flogging the Old Testament is getting to be like flogging a dead horse... Yes, religion IS more like a barnacle on the side of the world: just about impossible to scrape it off.

And we men must always remember:

He whose testicles are crushed or whose male member is cut off shall not enter the assembly of the Lord. - Deuteronomy 23:1

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