Star Wars For The '00s

In another blinding example of following the money...right into the pockets of industry, the cut and borrow conservatives at Bu$hCo have decided that traditional border enforcement methods aren't good enough. But rather than figuring our how to fix what we do now, the government is putting out multi-billion dollar contracts for a "virtual fence"--a fine old Ronnie Rayguns approach. Not like this hasn't been tried before. Many macho sounding projects like Operation Gate Keeper have spent millions before collapsing.

And who will be bidding in this Star Wars for the '00s? Well Halliburton hasn't announced anything yet, but if they do they'll be in fine company. Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and Northrop Grumman are all mentioned.

I expect to see the government announce multi-year plan to create force-fields for our border any day now.


I know, like we couldn't see this coming. I believe bush pulled his "plan" directly from his ass and announced it without any thought toward actual plans.
Here is our big change froggy. I know a guy with abarn full of chicken wire. With this excellent quality chainlink lookalike we could blow Halliburton out of the water.
Oh, any you had better line up some Mexican labor too. Halli could never compete with that...
Sorry I took so long to get back to you. I'll so join you on your birthday Commando project. It'll be an honor.
cartledge, chicken wire is so yesterday. How about putting up a high-voltage version of those electric doggie fences. No collar necessary. Someone tries to cross and - zap.
Kathleen welcome onboard. Your invitation is on its way.

PoP, you're so right, and Cartledge...I'm ready I'll bet we can underbid Lockheed by billions, skim millions for ourselves, and then head for some country with no laws. You write the business plan, and I'll line up the series A funding! :-)

Abi, I like it! Read what I said above. Want in?
Oh, I like the phrase - Cut and Borrow...can I use it?
WS...by all means.
How about a tractor beam set up on the Mexican side?

I'm starting to like the idea of a fence now that I've heard the new plan. At least a fence could be bid by normal contractors, or guys like Carteledge even. You know, spread the wealth.

You can't really expect them to miss this golden opportunity to bag another entitlement program for the defense contractors. Unless "they" because "someone else."

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