SF Board of Education to JROTC: You're Outta Here

Not much to say on this one other than, "Way to go San Francisco Board of Education!"

Seems that the military's "Don't ask don't tell" policy isn't just offensive to those of us in the bleachers. The San Francisco Board of Education has called it an -
...unjust, indefensible, unintelligent, state-sanctioned act of homophobia
...and has prepared a resolution that would force JROTC out of San Francisco's public schools by 2008.

Anyone care to speculate on how Bu$hCo will retaliate against the City? Maybe withhold our Federal AIDS funding again? Or perhaps they'll leave it to their proxies. I'm sure that as soon as Bill "Clown Shoes" O'Reilly gets a hold of this he'll call down al Qaeda's wrath on us or something equally stupid.


Those bastards have been pushing the ROTC into schools so bad,its pathetic and should be illegal. The wealth of articles out there regarding their recruting tactics are horrific,not to mention the homophobia as you said.

Fark Billy O..hes just a thin Rush Limbaugh.
I agree with San Fran - the "don't ask don't tell" policy is extremely discriminatory.

It won't be just O'Reilly calling for some sort of wrath...it'll be Rush, Jerry and of course, Pat Robertson telling his viewers that Jesus spoke to him and said that San Fran will experience an earthquake specifically because of this.
Elsa, that quake will occur along the "Robertson Fault".
for the full language of the sf school board resolution go to
Way to go SF. Yeah, Bill will probably say you guys deserve an attack or something. f'ing moron.

I am huge 49ers fan btw. I have high hopes this season (8-8 maybe)
As a teacher, I am very careful to explain to students who wish to join the military what their futures may entail. I have counseled 4 students this year so far. I don't criticize the military, but I show them articles I have from the Times, TIME, Newsweek, etc. that explain about stop loss, the pay problems, the two/three/four tours of duty in iraq, the lies recruiters often use to get kids to sign up ("we'll pay your college and/or college loans" - yes, but...there's a catch!), how badly wounded soldiers are often treated, etc.

I'm not trying to talk them out of joining necessarily. I just want to offer students and alternative reality to the one the recruiters offer them.
Some folks have tried unsuccessfully to do "counter-recruitment" in our area, talk about Americorps, Peace Corps, etc as an alternative but they are not allowed. See, the monopoly is unfair and it is not in keeping with a guidance counselor's job (and school) to present MANY different sides/options. Thats one of the things I object to.

There was a semi-successful program on "military myths" where the REAL GI Bill and requirements were presented, the "fine print" you don't often ehar about. Do people know they get money taken out for the college tuition? As an aexample. The schools would not allow anybody to present this, it had to be done in the community. One would think that simple facts would not be so frowned on. But its like selling a used car, nobody wants the truth known.
Some folks have tried unsuccessfully to do "counter-recruitment" in our area, talk about Americorps, Peace Corps, etc as an alternative but they are not allowed.

Lily that's really outstanding. Too bad it wasn't successful. Here in Sodom by the Sea they're trying to do an alternative JROTC which I think is fine for any adolescent wanting to participate in a military prep organization. Which think is fine.
does anybody here actually know what they're talking about??????

"Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is a congressional policy. It does not apply to JROTC students or instructors, in fact the commander of all the schools in San Francisco from ten years ago recently won the Mr. Transgender beauty pageant. JROTC was, for him, the only program that accepted him and gave him the confidence to come out about his homosexuality. And the board wants to take it away. How's that for being accepting of peoples of all sexual or political orientations?

Everybody seems to have a fiery opinion on the issue of recruitment, but has anyone actually researched the issue you're all ranting on about? Because the number of students who join the military is actually HIGHER outside JROTC than inside. Last year, less than ten JROTC cadets joined the military, out of 1600. Why? The JROTC curriculum contains classes on conflict resolution, financial planning and making informed decisions — all goals the board of uneducation seems to want out of our schools. JROTC cadets get a complete picture of the military, to contrast the smiley-pretty picture that recruiters try to paint.

No other high school program offers the same level of leadership education and saves the school district thousands of dollars every year. This has nothing to do with DADT or the war in Iraq, but nobody on the board (except Jill Wynns) has bothered to come find out for themselves. And the rest of you blog away without any notion of what this fight is really about.

- commo
Have any of you anti-JROTC ever been in the program? I think you're all getting confused with US military policy and JROTC.

It's not about military recruitment. JROTC teaches leadership, confidence and acceptance.

When I was in JROTC, we had cadets that were mentally disabled and others that were physically disabled, but that didn't mean we would exclude them. We all worked together to help one another out to learn drill, do homework and socialize.

Before you all make these off-the-cuff comments. I suggest you research what you're talking about.

Setting aside the fact that you're responding to a post over 6 months old, one fact cannot be disputed, a lot of San Franciscans don't want their school system sharing the cost of the JROTC program and would prefer the money be spent elsewhere.

Argue all you want to about the value of JROTC. Cast all the dispersions you want about this city, but it looks like you're not from here (Chicago, right?). So let me make it simple, if I came into your community and mandated that your high schools spend money on gay-straight alliance programs, you'd be just as offended. Local standards, even misguided ones, get expressed at the local level...sometimes in the school systems. It's our choice to make and there are other progrems that highlight leadership, confidence, and acceptance.
I just heard about SF dumping JROTC (Nov 15, 2006)... I may not be in SF, but I still have family and friends in SF. I grew up in SF and was a cadet in SF JROTC.

Is it really true that a lot of San Franciscans don't want to share the cost of JROTC? Does the average taxpayer even know how much is being spent on JROTC? Now without the cost sharing, the SFUSD needs to come up with the full cost for the 1600 students joining PE classes(?). Where's the return on investment there? More uninspired students entering the public school PE classes learning what?

I think it's just political rationalization for getting rid of JROTC. Rationalization from people that have misconceptions about the program.

As to the gay-straight alliance programs, I welcome them into any community. I believe knowledge is power and a way of eliminating the ingorant morons in the world.

As I said, I'm from SF and remain true to my left coast values.
Does the average taxpayer even know how much is being spent on JROTC?

I can't answer for the rest of the taxpayers, but I know--about $1.1M. Though... to address your second point, it may be a rationalization but I'm quite sure that the intent is retaliatory in that the military subsidizes about 1/3 of the cost of the program, and so the board feels that they should not fund programs that are demonstratably important to the military, an organization with policies toward homosexuals that would violate city ordinances.

As for my comment about gay-straight alliances, it was meant to be illustrative, not specific. I was trying to address the issue of local autonomy.
I work for the school district and a ammendment will be presented by the students and with a commissioner as a co-sponser it basiaclly says that it will extend the JROTC in the school district for another year like the task force ask for.

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