San Francisco and Oakland Occupied By Kommandos

In daring early morning action, elements of Kvatch's Kommandos moved in and occupied San Francisco's Civic Center area, taking up positions at City Hall and the US Federal Building. At the same time, other intrepid units seized the BART system and then dispatched soldiers and tanks to downtown Oakland.

Today's raids are part of the nation-wide Kommandos Memorial Weekend Protest.

Klick on the pictures. They came out really great!


I support the troops. Way to go, Kommandos.
This is the most fucking gay protest. Little soldiers with notes on them. May I suggest you make ones up that say "fuck me in the asshole" or "I am a dick loving lesbian cunt with nothing to do" or "I love san francisco?"
Fine Work Kommandar! The Fight Will Be Ours and We Will Be VICTORIOUS!
Wow, nice troll action there! Sounds as if he'd like to meet a nice military man himself. Maybe Jeff Gannon is still available...

I can report that Generik's Guerrillas are also being heavily deployed throughout San Francisco and South San Francisco today and through the weekend. Will get some pictures from the Carnaval celebration tomorrow and post them on my site.
Oh, Anon. I can tell from your post that you are healthy god fearing individual. Thank for providing more proof to that effect.

P.S. Windspike's Kommando's pics are up on both locations.
Kongrats to Kvatch's Kommandos for this nation-wide deployment. What a coup.

Speaking of coups, any chance these littlest warriors can head to Washington for a regime-change mission? Who would they install as the new President? Gore? Hillary? Plastic Man?
Oh, windspike, I'll soon be stopping by YOUR blog soon....

Meanwhile, as the world has major problems, the liberal answer is to post little plastic army men with gay statements about how the war is wrong, etc.

This is the dumbest thing I have ever seen or heard of in my entire life and it is (of course) coming from libtards like yourselves.
Meanwhile, as the world has major problems, the liberal answer is to post little plastic army men with gay statements about how the war is wrong, etc.

The rantings of an anonymous coward have exactly zero credibility around here, but please continue since you seem to be enamored with the sound of your own voice.

Just one liberal willing to put their words into actions is worth more than all the wingnuts who post here.
Dear Anon,
Thanks for popping over and off at my location. Freedom is just another word for nothing left to loose isn't it?

It makes me smile given the fact that you are spending so much time and attention on something as "gay" as you suggest - as if that's a pajorative (only in your world, btw).

And certainly if you think it is "the dumbest thing" you have ever seen or heard, what does that make you for spending so much time replying in various locations?
...gay statements about how the war is wrong, etc.

Well, guess you aren't from around here are you? If I was posting "gay" statements about how the war was wrong they would read, "Bring our hunky boys in uniform home." :-)
Hey, the troll did perform a useful function: He/she demonstrated that the ability to grasp symbolism is indeed confined to primates.

Kvatch, if I manage to hitch up the wagon and ride into town this weekend, I may purchase a bag of plastic soldiers and join in the fun. If I do, I'll post a link to the gallery. I think it's a really great idea, and I'm enjoying everyone's pix very much.
He does have a anal fixation our little anon..

Great pics Kvatch! Sorry, I couldn't participate..and Happy anniversay :)

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