Ripped From Tomorrow's Headlines

Bush Orders National Guard to Protect Approval Rating

"Stop Loss" Policy To Be Enforced On Administration's Poll Results

Political Capital Exhausted, Congress Raises Presidential Capital Ceiling

Got your thinking caps on? How about some more...


I'm too tired to think of any good ones, but the ones you have made me laugh.
To complete the flip-flop, Whitehouse spokesmodel Tony Snow-slick flipped the ratios on the poll numbers using inverse stastical arguments to win support for the president.
"Free Speech Zones" Redefined to Encompass Residential Restrooms Only

Bush Adopts "Decider in Chief" as Official Title -- Now Officially in Charge of Mundane Decisions Such a "Paper or Plastic"
Massive military invasion hits United States on May 26, 27. Invading troops carry suspicious banners on their limbs. NSA and Homeland Insecurity to investigate. News at 11.
Hopelessly smitten Catherine Zeta-Jones stalks abi.

(Are fantasy headlines ok?)

Overtaxed National Guard to Use Illegal Immigrants to Guard Mexican Border
Bush Withdrawls Troops from Iraq. Cites "More Pressing Issues at Home."

Local Crank, that is a winner right there. Kudos.
PT... :-) Probably that "invasion" that WaPo's been flogging for the last 2 days.

Crank, now there's a solution not many would have thought of.

Praguetwin, prophetic in a spooky sort of way.
"Local Crank, that is a winner right there. Kudos."

Credit for that one has to go to Tom Burka over at Opinions You Should Have.

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