Religion of Rex Rejected

Apparently 4 so-called "freedom-loving" posts is all the blogsphere can handle from yours truly before I'm spirited away for some serious deprogramming. Guess I'll never take Darth Rex's place at the Emperor's side.

But...so what?! Contented with my lot, reinvigorated, regurgitated, brimming with bile and snark, I'm back to do battle with the forces of evil! So Bring it on, Rex! I got yer freedom-lovin' rightch here!

Hold on to your hats...


There is no shame in recognizing your true frogness. Enter The Snark.

Sacto was great, but it's good to be back. Did we invade anybody?
It was that magic martini that I slipped into your frog pond that fixed you up. :)
Kvatch I hear China offers a discount on their re-education program.

That'll get your commie panties back on track.
PoP...a magic martini, huh? No wonder I feel so good. And here I thought it was a tap from Glanda's magic wand.

Lily, no re-education program for me. :-) Only the very best extraordinary rendition.
Gotta love a blog war.... WMD of snark (there has got to be a better word) will be found!
Kvatch, your friends are with you. Remember, I'm from Missouri, and that means two things: I have weapons and I'm batshit insane.
Julien, the first salvo has been fired. Look at the top post.
Glad you're back from the Dark Side. I will do the same as soon as I can, once I send in my Oregon mail-in Republican primary ballot.
I'm so glad you got your mojo back.
That must have been one serious cocktail to clense said brain...Whew....
Woohooo!!! My froggy's back!
Hello my ragtime Kvatch...just back from the spiked pond are we? Looks like you are stepping high there...feeling the music no doubt. Glad you came to your senses.
...feeling the music no doubt. Glad you came to your senses.

What can I say. Turns out that I only had about 4 "freedom-loving" posts in me. It's hard to use that much bombast on a daily basis. Snark is more my realm.

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