The Oathing Statement

Presidential Crossing of the FingersWashington (f-A-ke. P.) -

At a today's White House press briefing, Secretary Snow clarified why Attorney General Gonzales is allowed to interpret the Constitution as he sees fit: All cabinet members in this administration issue a "Statement at Oathing" which lays out their interpretation of their duties under the Constitution.

Constitutional scholars have noted that this procedure is similar in principle to the Presidential Crossing of the Fingers. (Depicted on the right)

(HT to Rex Kramer, Danger Seeker for coming up with this gem.)


Now it all makes sense. It's kinda like a Constitutional 12-Step program, only in this case Bush officials get to interpret a "Constitution of their own understanding."

No wonder Gonzalez thinks torture and jackboots are constitutional.
Glad I could clear that up (well...ok...that Rex could clear it up). :-)

And think of how much more streamlined the government will be without those other pesky branches.
I've got a choice Oathing Statement for this president. But I won't say it in mixed company.
I would have to agree with abi. anything i could say isn't for mixed company.
That explains a lot, Kvatch.
I'm all over the "oathing statement". I plan to issue one every time I sign or click though something that is asking for my affirmation. Handy.

Abi, Static "mixed company"? You mean frogs and humans (ok...and strange braniac things)?

WS, that it does.
Does the Constitution count if you spend all of your time inside an opaque bubble? I mean, it isn't lik those guys live in America, is it?
Foool me once...
Presidential Crossing of the Fingers? Where the hell is this law hidden, in the Surveillence Statute or the 911 Commission Report?
That pic is about the most unbelievable piece of shit I have EVER seen come across the internet.

Don't you fucking queer hybrid driving, al Gore asslicking liberals have anything else better to do? PREPARE FOR 2008, you fucking tree huggers are gonna LOSE THE ELECTION AGAIN.

In a way I hope that you win - maybe your fucking non-productive RANTS will go away.
Oh, my dear Anon, you sound hostile? Too much arsinic in your kool-aid this AM?

It actually might do well to have another repuke in the office post W - they really do need to clean up their own mess, and that ain't going to be any fun, now is it?
Don't you fucking queer hybrid driving, al Gore asslicking liberals have anything else better to do?

Nope not really. We're all just waiting around while your ilk gets caught, tried, convicted, and sent to the Federal pen.

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