Mission Accomplished...Asshole

Just click the picture and you'll see why.

(HT to James and Genius of Insanity.)


Says so much, yet doesn't say enough. Needs an expletive or two more, just to drive the point home and make us all feel better.
Brilliant! Thanks Kvatch.
Wonderful! Do you think 'they" get to see it? One can only hope...
I know some that already have... seen it, that is. Good one, kvatch!
Excellent! Would make a great half-time show. Wouldn't that be great?
Thanks all, but really James deserves the credit.

I like Peacechick's suggestion. This could be a superbowl halftime show, or perhaps the introduction to the Democratic National Convention in 2008.
Kvath and everyone else:

Thanks but even I can't take the credit. I heard about it on the Randi Rhodes radio show on Air America Radio.

What you do is type in "asshole" (without the quotes) into google and hit the "I'm feeling lucky" button and this clip pops right up.

Anyway, I have a pesky neo-con freeper on my blog right now saying i've sunk to a new low for posting this great clip. So if you have a chance stop on over to my blog and have a go at this guy.

He'll love it. He gets a red in the face and defensive when people call him on the truth.


P.S.~I love the half-time show idea as well but especially Kvatch's idea of the intro to the Dem. party convention.

Keep on pushing y'all!!
Oh yeah...it's the third post only blog.
This will never make it through the bubble...
not quite

No truer words my anonymous friend.
GAwd... three years ago. Mission Accomplished? Heh... And to think, this guy still has millions of minions who will believe whatever he says, and who will support him regardless of what he does. Even if he did something obscene with his pet goat... !
I saw that about a month ago & loved it. I'm going over to James to check out his troll.

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