Kvatch's Kommandos Seize Union Square

Kvatch's Kommandos seized San Francisco's Union Square in a mid-morning, Memorial Day operation.

Clockwise (from the upper left)
Union Square Corners: NE, NW, SW, SE
Clockwise (from the upper left)
Union Sq. South, Market St., Maiden Ln., Stockton St.


Well, well, my hippie frog friend, it appears you may have soldier in you after all. I mean, sneaking behind enemy lines into Hippie Town and leaving behind pro-Bush messages? Brilliant, man!

Of course, I can only assume the messages are administration-friendly. Let me just click on one and of the photos and....



P.S. Mission accomplished.
Nice! I managed to sneak one Kommando last night into a pub in Berkeley. I'll try and upload the photo from my cell phone.
Windspike, saw that. It was a great weekend, wasn't it?
Great pics! I especially like "Rumsfailed"!
Lovin' it...this has gotten bigger than I ever thought it would...could last a while, eh?
Windspike, did you see that we picked another 4 people in the Ohio/Indiana on the Kommander's map?

Elsa, thanks. I have a blast putting these guys out, and Union Square is crawling with security so I have to be somewhat sneaky about placing them.

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