Kvatch's Kommandos - A Big Day of Protest

Many of you have asked when I planned to do the next deployment of Kvatch's Kommandos. Many of you have expressed an interest in deploying your own brigades of protest army men. Well, May 26th will be Blognonymous' one year anniversary (that's about 12 in frog years), and instead of the usual "blogerversary" post, I want to do something big. So now's your chance. Please join me on the 26th for a day of protest -

No More War - Bring Our Army Men Home

Prepare your troops, and on that Friday (or Saturday if that works better for you) inundate your towns, your cities, streets, shops, and stores, malls and markets, museums and monuments, parks and piers, cars and cabs. Let's make this into a movement that will get noticed. Let me know that you're on board, I'll publish the list as we get close to the date, and then we'll go to war...to end war.

Kommanders deploying troops on the 26th:


And check out our new blog devoted to the War on War -
The Kommandos Project.


Where can I get some army men? Perhaps one of those 99 cent stores?
I wanted to do it but my little plastic soldiers are being sent to the border to guard our country from being invaded by brown people.
Sumo...around here you can packages of army men at any Walgreens or Rite Aid--and you can probably get the big buckets at any toy store.
I'm IN! I can't wait. This will be way more fun than tagging Hummers and Yukons!
Helen, that's great! I'm so glad you're with us. Though why not leave them on Hummers and Yukons? Just place them under the windshield wiper with a tag that says "I fight for oil?"
We can get those with parachutes too, and throw them form the SF highrises...
We can get those with parachutes too, and throw them form the SF highrises...

Hey...I didn't know you were in SF? Looks like were going to blanket the city. :-) Don't know if I would throw one from a highrise might, as your mother used to say, "put someone's eye out" But how about attaching them just above the button panel in the elevators?
Cool! Count me in. One thing, though: the following Monday is Memorial Day, so maybe we should deploy troops over the entire weekend.

By the way, when I saw my mom on pre-Mother's Day, she said she and my brother (who lives with them) carry them around wherever they go...and they've placed 90 so far (all in the Sacramento area).
Oh, and they got 90 soldiers for 99 cents at a dollar-type store.
I'm in. Kvatch Kommandos need an East Bay contingent.
Mags, Tom...that's great. We're ahead of L.A. by one blogger so far. Hey Mags can you give me an idea of where in the East Bay you're thinking of. I was going to pop out of BART and hit downtown, but will hold off if you were going to hit that area.

Tom, what your mom and brother are doing is great. Any chance of getting them to coordinate with us for the 26th? As for the weekend, I let everyone know in email that they should do the 27th if the 26th is too inconvenient. Think that the 28th will be a bit slow traffic-wise, but go for it.
Good thing my neighborhood is swamped with the type of stores that should stock them. I love the parachute soldier idea too! I could decorate their chutes!

Oh this is going to be fun....
Looks like there is going to be a run on little green army dudes. Anyone hazard a guess as to whether this supply/demand situation will ramp up the cost of bags of these grunts like the problem at the pump for gasoline?
Don't forget maim one or two of them, heat an arm up with a lighter and twist it off...mark that one "V.A.'s underfunded"
Already pretty expensive at Walgreens, WS. But Tom Hilton says you can get a barrel at those $1 stores. Give that a try.

Fred, the manufacturing quality is not so hot anymore, and a bunch of the little dudes come out of the bag pretty damaged. Though I like the "VA Underfunded" idea.
What a great idea. I'm going to tag my soldiers "Bring us home from Iraq."
I like this idea. But, I'll need a reminder when it approaches.
I'm stealing idea--and I'll make sure the frog gets the credit!
Divajood...welcome and thanks for signing on.

CE, I'll be have a reminder post on Tuesday of next week.

Robot, don't worry about the credit (it was Jay Lassiter's idea anyway). Just let me know what the name bridage is. :-)

And all...thanks for signing on.
Okay...I'll give it a try...but I want to put "Rat Prick Weasel Dick Bush" on mine. Ha ha...just kidding...I'll come up with something catchy...I just know I will.
I'm in. Not sure where I can get army men at the south pole, but that's my premise's problem.
Oh dear, I suppose I had better round up all my plastic, part time, peace keepers and prepare them for duty.
Just in case any of your commandos get ideas, I will have my toy soldiers guarding BC’s border with Washington.
I’ll just go around the pubs now and fetch them from their usual locations…
Great idea. Count me in.
Montag...that's great, welcome on board.
Kvatch, it's me Jay.....
i am so proud this is taking off as a sort of phenonenon.

i have a big brigade that is scheduled to invade philly on the 27th. somehow is seems fitting to blanket the liberty bell and constitution center!

i will have audio-video of this day too. so get ready.

p.s. i hope there are other east coasterd doing this too!
Jay...outstanding! I'm trying to get everyone who's going to protest on the 26th and 27th invited as contributors to the "Army Men Project". Check you email for an invitation.

That way we can cross post our deployments. :-)
I just bought my battalion today. We are in ruck up mode.
I'd like to play, if that's alright. We do have some Army men lying around somewhere. They may be infiltrating some sympathetic yarn shops in our area.
Karen, welcome on board. Would you like an invitation to the Army Men Project?
Ooh, yes please!
Count Generik's Guerrillas as definitely up for this invasion. I'll be deploying the troops all weekend long, wherever I see a spot that looks appropriate.

Another thing I like to do with them is put them in the postage-paid reply envelopes that come with credit card solicitations or other letters asking for money and send them off on commando missions to the far reaches of the country.
Cartledge, Montag, Station Agent, if you gents will send me email addresses, I'll get you invitations to join the Army Men Project.
Generik, that's outstanding. I've sent you an invitation to the new blog.
Kvatch, please, oh please count me and my Texas Rangers in!


As well as this project, I like to keep little slips of paper in my pocket that say:
"REAL Soldiers are DYING in their Hummers so YOU can PLAY soldier in yours." I leave them on hummers whenever I see one parked.
Ha! Love it!

Great minds think alike!


Keep up the good work!

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