Kvatch Kvetches - When Down, The GOP Goes For The Heart

A roundup of stuff that's been languishing in the post queue.

And you thought politics in your neighborhood was nasty...
In California's Central Valley you've got a nasty little State Assembly race where one GOP candidate is attacking his opponent over the man's heart transplant. You've got to read this to believe it, but suffice to say it takes the idea of 'swift boating' to a new low.

When Your Proxy Is In Trouble Assert National Security
While we're all waiting for Rove to be indicted, Bu$hCo is moving quietly to quash the EFF's class-action suit against AT&T. AT&T's own attempt to get the suit dismissed, on the grounds that the EFF wasn't allowed to have the evidence, failed, but don't worry it's the Feds to the rescue. The administration claims that the plaintiffs have no chance to prove their case because a trial would compromise national security. Thus...a motion to...you guessed it...dismiss.

EPA Defends Inaction and Skewers The Auto Industry in the Process
10 states including New York and California are suing the EPA over the agency's refusal to regulate emissions. The plaintiffs claim that EPA is not living up to the requirements of the Clean Air Act. The defendant, interestingly, is claiming it doesn't have the authority. So here's the thing, if EPA lacks the authority, then maybe the auto industry's suit against CA should be dismissed. After all, what car makers claim is that California isn't allowed to regulate tailpipe emissions because only the EPA has that authority. Ironic.


Wow! That heart transplant attack ad IS absolutely the lowest of the low. It seems to me the GOP candidate is the one with no heart.
Ain't life grand in this, the greatest of all nations? :P
EPA Defends Inaction The first rule of public life: It's not our responsibilty!
GOP candidate is the one with no heart

Actually Kathy, I think they're both GOP candidates. Because this would be a primary right. Eeeewwww! 'Swift boating' your own.

Cartledge...I'm just enjoying the irony of the Bush's EPA saying, as you put it, "it's not our responsibility" and putting a stake to the auto-industry at the same time.

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