Kvatch Kvetches - Like Doom...Only We're The Monsters

After all of this weekend's Kommandos Project work, I only have the attention span for some short bites.

Like Doom...Only We're the Monsters
So get this...a company called Left Behind Games plans to distribute a video-game based on the popular books of the same name. In this first-person shooter move through a future New York and, armed to the teeth, convert or kill infidels who stand in their way. Creepy, huh? Well, as if that weren't enough, the game will be marketed directly through evangelical church networks like the mega-church empire of pastor Mark Carver. Conversion by the sword indeed!

7 Years and 6 Months Is All It Takes?
Dennis Hastert is about to make history as the Republican serving longest as the House Speaker, and all it took was a paltry 7.5 years. So the question arises: Do Republican's really hate their own that much, or do they govern so ineptly that they haven't had enough chances to touch the record, 17 years by Democrat Sam Rayburn.

God Must Be Spotting Him
Pat Robertson can leg press 2000 pounds. No really! Says so right here. Though I have to say that I'm kind of disappointed that it wasn't a big fat rock--you know the kind they used to use to crush heathens.


The Left Behind novels are really, really scary. What kind of pathology does it take to subscribe to an apocalyptic viewpoint?
Okay so now the kids are going to be playing games like you might expect terrorist to play. Great!

This has to be the most insane thing they have done yet. Scares the hell out of me in so many ways.

They are brainless pieces of insane fecal matter.
R-bE, PoP, so here's the thing that mystifies me. So you've got a game being marketed through a church network, and the marketeers probably already know that biblical apocalypse is already something that is accepted by their audience. So...you're a parent in that group: Do you let your kid play the game based on the background subject matter?

I mean FPS games are bad news for kids anyway. What kind of parent would engage in the relativism necessary to justify the game based on the subject matter?
7 Years and 6 Months Is All It Takes? A great survivor, obviously.
man i love that frog pic
marketed directly through evangelical church networks

Makes sense. We need to train the next generation's Christian Soldiers.
Fred, you can't go wrong with Michigan J Frog! :-)

Abi, scary isn't it. It's as if you said hey let's market the most recent version of Quake directly through JROTC.
Did I read somewhere they're hoping to tap into that market that responded so eagerly to the gore in The Passion of the Christ? And would these same people be crapping their pants if someone put out a game in which some other religion was encouraging the hunting of, say, Christians?
Yeah...Pat Robertson leg-pressed 2000 pounds and I'm sure Jerry Falwell can bench press 1000 pounds, too.
Jublu, I think that you've just given me an idea for a new post...thanks.

Elsa, I bet I could press Robertson, but Falwell? That fat f*ck? Not a chance.

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