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A roundup of interesting tidbits that just didn't quite make the cut...

What does Microsoft have up their sleeve? Automated censorship...
In fact they're trying to patent it with new filing for a system that would bleep out words in voice over IP and other streaming audio content. So pretty soon, when you're listening to that feed of Bill Maher, it'll sound like, "[bzzzt] Bush [crackle] [pop] bin Laden [mrrrrmph]."

...and the Feds will get to listen in...
Since the FCC has determined that VOIP must include the ability for the government to snoop the connection. Wonder if the Feds will enjoy those censored broadcasts as much as we will?

...and we'll get to pay for the whole thing.
Because the FCC has also ruled that broadband providers will have to pick up the tab for all of this whippy new surveillance technology--sort of a "wiretap tax" that will ultimately get passed on to...you guessed it, us!


Whew! I can sleep better tonight, safe in the knowledge that creepy Bill Gates and the uber-creepy U.S. government are hard at work protecting me from myself and others.
One has to wonder how they will deal with enryption. If privacy is no longer a right, it may turn into a luxury, therefore a business...
Denisdekat, well if history is any teacher expect a new raft of bills to restrict the use of strong encryption without key escrow.

From a technical standpoint there is no impediment to introducing strong encryption to VOIP. Machines are fast enough now that even using very large keys doesn't really slow things down. Key distribution is still the problem. I always insist on PGP for email that I feel strongly about or that's related to work (and that has to go in the clear), but getting my friends and colleagues to agree is tough.
Too bad there wasn't something real important going on in the world that would cause them to deal with that instead of screwing with this. Oh wait, what about a war and a lying fu*king administration.
This is bullshit... can't help Darfur, but God forbid we don't spend money to censor the net so Big Brother can keep tabs on us. Orwell would love this.
Hey PoP, come on now...what's more important than protecting you from harsh language?

Kathleen, no doubt the budget priorities are screwed up. $390B and counting.

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