Kvatch Kvetches - The future of gas is gas futures?

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Leave It To The Minnesotans
Did you know that you can buy options at today's prices on future gas purchases? Well, as my in-laws would say, "Ya sure, you betcha!" They're doing it at First Fuels Bank in St. Cloud, MN where you can fill up with fuel that you purchased...whenever. But, though this is a great example of a free-market system, I'm still uneasy with any system that encourages consumption and discourages conservation.

So Much For the Volunteer Army
I know the armed forces are short of troops and that quotas are going unfilled. I know that Bu$hCo is preparing troops for rotation into units that can attack Iran. And supposedly we're "at war" and most troops, reserve and otherwise, serve at the pleasure of the President in time of war. Still though, it seems wrong to deny a request to resign from a reservist who's served his 8 years.


This free market stuff seems to me like an empire on a shoe string.

Ever since the Japanese were so successful at business by having virtual no inventory of, businesses have changed. One has to wonder what would happen to a lot of these businesses if one day there was a serious shortage of materials and/or parts...

Anyhow, your comment

"But, though this is a great example of a free-market system, I'm still uneasy with any system that encourages consumption and discourages conservation."

Made me think that we do not store much of anything in case of shortages...
a great example of a free-market system Yes it is. That doesn't make it a commendable example, but it sure is instructive.
Denisdekat, I think that I misspoke. I probably should have just said "encourages consumption" and left it at that. I was trying to get at the issue of making oneself immune from market forces and thus having no incentive to use less petrol.

Cartledge, Minnesotans are a smart, pragmatic bunch. As Garrison Keillor likes to point out, "...you've got to be smarter when you live in a place that's trying to kill you 9 months out of the year."
:) I forgot the teachings of Garrison Keillor. TY
The frog image... aaaah!!! It is from my favorite Warner Bros. cartoon!
Snave, when you're a frog, you can never go wrong with picutres of Michigan J.
About the Reservist being kept in:

This is not at all an uncommon occurence. It's a program called stop lost that is used to keep people from leaving the Army way after their time is up. I have almost no sympathy for the Officer in the story. He signed a commision agreeing to serve "indefinitely". The people we should feel bad for are teh ones that signed contracts for so many years and then were made to stay in beyond their contracted period. This effects MANY enlisted personnel. I know a man who served 23 years in the Army, AND WAS DENIED RETIREMENT. They made him stay in. It really is a shame that it has to be that way.
Jeffrey...thanks for stopping by. Two things, I didn't know about the term in his commission. I thought all reservist commissions were for a fixed duration. But isn't the case that many reservists had already served in the regular military?

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