Kvatch Kvetches - Could you be made unemployable?

When a long, well thought out post just won't do...

At Least We've Got Our Work...
And it seems as if Congress may bring some sanity to the issue taxing telecommuters by regulating dual taxation schemes, such as New York's where they attempt to tax your out-of-state earnings right along with your New York earnings.

...When We're Allowed To Work.
The Senate's immigration legislation contains a new employment verification scheme that would require that eligibility not only be demonstrated but checked against a national database. Does it occur to anyone that such a database, in the wrong hands, could be used to make a person unemployable? "Kvatch? Mr. Kvatch... Hey you're that unhinged blogger. Nope, you don't check out. We can't hire you."

Congress Howls, But Only When Bu$hCo Comes After Them
Poor Speaker Hastert, looks like he may be going down and just when an emboldened DoJ is willing to break 200+ years of precedent in handling Congressional wrongdoing. But do any of us really feel sorry for him or any of our other lawmakers? Nope. Seems Congress only cares about Bu$hCo excesses when it's their own asses that are on the line.


all the corruption is making me more cynical. i didn't think that was possible
That last one really pisses me off, I've heard it over and over the last couple of days, but...this is what gets their attention after 750 instances? When one of their own feels the enhanced power of the exectutive (also known as the darkside)?
a national database
Like the veterans data base? I should not worry Mr Kvatch, the government plans the fair dissemination of all data bases by the economical expedient of CD's left in suburban garages.
Your information will be safe as telephone books.
Graeme, what's my job if not to make you feel more cynical on a daily basis? I promise I'll post something uplifting tomorrow! It's my "Blogiversary" after all.

Fred, I think that they're oversensitive because so many of them are endangered by the allegations coming out of the Abramoff affair.

Cartledge, that's what all of those AOL coasters were about. I just knew it!
Exactly! If Hastert and Co. really want their rights, they'd been there to protect ours.
Oddly, it's not really a right so much as a perogative.
whelp you just knew the Hastert papertrail would lead to a resturante -right? And is it so difficult to picture him kvatching with Jack....( BTW is the little froggy on Okay- his little arms look stretched thin...)
E4E, he's fine. Ask not why the frog kvetches...

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