Kvatch Kvestions - States Suing the Federal Government

It's come to my attention that a bunch of states, l'brul states like California and New York, are getting a bit too big for their britches. A recent example of this is the lawsuit brought by 10 of these uppity "lesser governments" against the wise environmental policies of the Bush administration. Policies, I should note, that were formulated by forward thinking environmentalists from our smartest industry, Big Oil. (You know why they're the smartest? Well, if I have to tell you then you're probably not a freedom-lover anyway.)

Now you're probably saying to yourself, "What's the problem here? Shouldn't states be allowed to sue the feds?" And the answer is of course...yes...when the Democrats are in power. But when were talking about 'The Decider' then...uh, uh, nope, no way! It's sort of like a child suing their parents because they don't want to eat their peas, and you wouldn't allo--

Hey!--Who are you guys! What are you doi--[mrrmmmmppppp!] [grrrgggg!]


The management of Blognonymous would like to announce that at 3:30 pm this afternoon, an elite special unit of Kvatch's Kommandos executed an "extraordinary rendition" on their leader, spiriting him off for some heavy deprogramming sessions. Kvatch may return tomorrow if he gets his little frog head screwed on straight. Otherwise, he may never return.

- KK


Sweet syrupy sarcasm... Get well soon, Kvatch.
You're inspired by my newest hero, Steve Colbert! ;^)
Praise Jesus..someone is going to deprogram the frog? Where can I send a contribution to the cause?
frog hopper,
Don't light upon soiled lily pad.
__Justice Poetica
Did you jump recklessly into the pond and miss the lily pad? That's gotta hurt!
Okay, let me see - Big Oil Barrons Are smart becuase....let's see here....they have big heaping buckets of cash in excess beyond what may be the sum accured by God over the course of his existence. Yes, that's it...that's it. If you happen to have more money than god, then you must be smart.
A coup at Blognonymous!!!
I just knew the Kavalry would ride in to save the day. Good job, Kommandos. Make sure you use electric shock during the deprogramming.
Right you are Graeme! Hey PT, "Kavalry"! :-) I like that. It has many possibilities...
Taser. Many tasers.
So, how was Europe? Was the CIA nice to you, or did you get tortured? OH! Sorry! You were deprogrammed from the Dark Side to the Side of Good, not the other way around... so torture probably wasn't necessary.
Snave, one of the Kommandos came up to me and said, "Kommander, I can still feel the good in you...the conflict." That was just before he konked me on the head, and I woke up in Tiajuana...oops...wrong story.

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