Kvatch Konsiders - The Real Purpose of a Border Fence

The right to be secure in our persons and papers? Gone. NSA and Gonzales have seen to that. Freedom of the press...likewise. Freedom to peaceably assemble? Done in by the Republicans with their speech zones, their harassment, and their spying on the opposition. The guarantee of non-enumerated rights--only where they don't tread on the conservative's supposed right to promote bigotry, economic divergence, and social discrimination. Prohibition against the establishment of religion? Your kidding, right?

So the question arises: What is the purpose of the a fence on the border--a fence that has never existed in the history of the United States on a border that never had to be defended in this fashion? Is it to keep foreigners out or to keep Americans in? Without a barrier, how long can the vampire that is Bu$hCo keep tax-paying, stability providing, consumers cooped up in an America that no longer delivers on it's promises?

For now, the barrier to exit is merely psychological, but there may come a time when the barrier becomes real.


My old grandma once told me 'locks only keep honest people out,' wise old bird she was.
Trade and tourism will prevail, because, in the end, the dollar rules.
As far as I see it, this is nothing more than a diversion from the important events of the moment.
The no fly list can certainly keep our asses on the ground. The fence can keep our asses in the country.
Cartledge, as recently as a couple of decades ago many Americans didn't lock the doors of their homes (perhaps there are people who still don't, not sure...). We went out. We socialized. We assumed that the people in our neighborhoods were trustworthy. Now we have a seige mentality. We hunker down in our homes, some of us...armed.

Putting up a fence on the US/Mexico border serves two purposes. It definitely makes it harder for some to get in, but it also reinforces the notion that America is under seige, and I believe that this is *EXACTLY* what Bu$hCo wants. "The world is a dangerous place, why would you ever want to go out there?" The seige mentality is pervasive in this administration's action and in it's rhetoric, and if they can keep us here and keep us docile, they can continue to suck the life out of us in order to enrich themselves.
Sad, sad - what you say is correct. Why oh, why aren't people fighting this? Sigh!
Ah thanks Kvatch..make me paranoid now..

Look, I lived in LA..people have locked their doors for 50 years there..I know :p

But sadly it does feed into their facist bullshit about terror..and citizens that don't go along with the program..

oh shit...thats me. They have my face on the evening news..
Since the Chimperor operates as a Stalinist, can anyone be surprised that his tactics are looking more Soviet all the time?
Dusty...paranoia is my middle name.

Jollyroger...welcome--iron curtain, tortilla curtain, walls-a-wall, huh?

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