Kvatch Konsiders - Net neutrality, what's the big deal?

From Tim Wu at Slate -
How would you feel if I-95 announced an exclusive deal with General Motors to provide a special "rush-hour" lane for GM cars only?
So maybe it's time to start thinking of the Internet as if it were a public utility of old-a trust, an essential part of our life and of our democracy. Would that mean that we need to remove it from the telcos in order to preserve it? Perhaps.


This new horse-droppings scheme affects everyone that uses the internet for anything..We all need to be onboard and get involved in the ol' arm-chair activism thing.The link below goes to a website that is partnered with MoveOn.org:


They have some buttons to put on blogs that go directly to their action page.
Thanks Dusty.
Remove it or lose it.
As a matter of disclosure, I work for RoadRunner. I can tell you this, it would be absurd to allow corporations to buy access to resources. A data packet is a data packet and they are created equally and should be treated as so.

The internet is the perfect libertarian oasis and imposing restrictions; commercial, government or otherwise would destroy the open spirit of the internet.
hey, as long as they don't impinge upon my copyright violation activities and media piracy i dont care. As long as my fiber optic connection is fast to my game server or torrents I'm happy. (yes I was being snarky)
LoC, I guarantee...your right to infringe on copyright shall not be infringed upon, and if you believe that...

Ben, all good points, but I fear in the end it won't make a difference. Personally, I'm afraid that this is a done deal. Though I hope not the end of the story. I can envision ad-hoc networks that could take the place of the telcos in providing an alternative for information dissemination.
Well, here's hoping this all falls through the cracks. I have RoadRunner and I am very happy with it and I don't want to have to pay anymore for it either.
well it was only a matter of time
There are so many exclusive deals for everything around us we can't begin to count them all. And there are so many that are secret that we'll never even know about. You know how corporations put their names on sports arenas? Well, with state capitol buildings they just don't bother. And the Capitol Building in Washington DC would have so many signs on it, they would not all fit.

So what's so different about them trying to own the internet?

Yes, we must fight it. Dusty's link is a good one.
So what's so different about them trying to own the internet?

Stephen, no argument here. Though I wish I believed that this battle wasn't already lost. My solace is that I think we can innovate around a telco "toll-gates" placed on the Internet.
As a Michigan resident, I can equate with that example. I loved it and will pass it along to friends.
I think someone needs to start doing Open Source hardware for sattelite setups off the telco grid.

They only control it cuz they buy it off the space rigs. Open source the space rigs.

Ahhhh.. But where's the capital needed for the hardware-vs-software.

It's messed up stuff that keeps people scammin' each other. Call it usury or just plain slick. You want people to push the envelope, but they gotta know when it's tearing other people apart and stop.

That's why capitalism needs regulation by social economists like Clinton and Bush Sr and Nixon and FDR. People who, whatever their twisted idiosyncracies, were fundamentally aware of the weight of their legacy in their Society.

But what do I know. I'm just a rightwing leftist in a purple state.

(We could opensource hardware if we adopted Cherokee landlaws and divvied resources by ability to utilyze 'em. Instead of ability to scrounge the money for 'em.

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