Kvatch Konsiders Congress - Collaborators? Co-conspirators?

The press and the public are justifiably upset that they've been lied to by Bu$hCo once again on the issue of domestic surveillance. This time though, there's a twist. The administration usually defends it's illegal activities by claiming that the President was authorized by Congress in the aftermath of Sept. 11th, but this time Bush acknowledged the existence and scope of the program and claimed that Congress had been briefed--as if this is a sufficient defense.

Now a case can be made that by failing to act on Bu$hCo's "high crimes and misdemeanors", members of congress are in fact collaborators, but if a civil court (as in the EFF vs. AT&T case), the Federal Circuit, or an impeachment trial rules that Bush is acting illegally, doesn't that make the congressmen that were briefed un-indicted co-conspirators? What if NSA's phone record database is being used for purposes other than searching for terrorists, like searching for leaks? What then?

(Thanks to Cartledge @ Talk About Corruption for the Inspiration.)


folks should pop on over and answer today's question du jour...especially if you are curious as to why the government is in the business of collecting the world's most boring data set:
At least they should all be easy to roundup to face the charges. If they try and run, Tom DeLay isn't to busy, he'll find the strays.
Go get em froggy!
Congress? What is that? Oh yeah, I almost forgot they existed. It may be due to the fact that I've had them confused for a rubber stamp the last couple years...

What was their purpose again? The check and balance something or another?
What was their purpose again?

I think it's some kind of Federal jobs program — something like a WPA for the well-to-do.
Cartledge, I like that idea. Maybe we could send the Texas Rangers after 'em?

Denisdekat, the problem is with dolts like Pelosi in charge we don't get much of a difference--vote the Republicans out and then change the Democrat leadership.
When Bush says congress has been or was briefed I don't believe he means the whole of congress, as in the body of congress, as in session! His congress are a number of fuck buddies just reeking of hubris! I'm about to explode from the daily barage of lies and deceit flowing out of the muck!
I'm about to explode from the daily barage of lies and deceit flowing out of the muck!

Oh I hope not. What happens when a Poetry Man explodes? I have this picture in my little frog head of couplets flying everywhere.
"Denisdekat, the problem is with dolts like Pelosi in charge we don't get much of a difference--vote the Republicans out and then change the Democrat leadership."

I am quite torn about this. I feel Democrats just don't represent me. Should I be practical and acknowledge that I will not get my way and vote for the bad rather than worse? Or should I play hardball with my vote, and set an example at worst? It is like when I sold my car. People laugh at me telling me it makes no difference, but I think that it does. Imagine if everyone dumped their cars for mass transportation?

So I am torn. I am probably going to vote for republican versus Feinstein, but in all other cases, I will vote democrat. Feinstein is Republican already, and if she is going to please that crowd, I will vote Republican in the hopes that we get a new Democrat in 4 years. New democrat in 4 years may be better than this ineffective one...
Those are excellent questions, kvatch. I wish I had the answers. What I do know is that Congress has NOT been a check and balance. They have basically been a rubber-stamp. What a shame. I hope this will change after the 2006 elections.
Denisdekat, well for us the question is sort of moot. Neither Pelosi nor Feinstein is going to have a serious challenger, so I say let your money do the talking. Tell the Democrats that they get nada, didly, bupkis, squat because they don't represent you, but when they grow a pair and start to represent you, give 'em some hard-earned cash. This is what I plan to do with Pelosi.

Elsa, I'd love to strike the fear 'o God into Congress, but even a dreamer like me knows that it's not going to happen.
Yeah, like where the hell is Congress. What a joke
Heads are at the exploding point everywhere and for some reason those we have hired/elected just don't seem to give a damn. We were the country attacked on 9-11 and now we are the country losing our rights. Our rights are being taken by the very people incharge of protecting them. We have been invaded by criminals.

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