Kommandos Memorial Weekend Protest, May 26th and 27th

Kvatch's Kommandos Head Into the Field on the 26th and 27th!

But this time many other brigades will be joining the Kommandos in fighting the War on War.

Interested in joining up? Then check out the Kommandos Project where you'll find instructions, hints, slogans, more slogans, inspirational stories, cool banners for your website...in short everything a Kommander needs!



I was thinking - should we put the Kommandos URL on the back side of the tags to get some traffic back to the location and see where out Kommandos end up?

Thinking about doing those knee lables right now.
I think that's a fine idea. You should go and post that over at Kommandos Project.
All rucked up Kvatch. Also posted a little blurb at Bring it On should others want to join up:http://www.teambio.org/2006/05/grassroots-protest-friday-staged-and-ready/
nice to see thisidea spreading around, Cheers!
Thanks Muse, we're trying. We've got 25 or bloggers on board over at the project.
Excellent idea windspike. I'm hoping there's a next time and we get that going across the board.

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