Hayden To Replace Goss At CIA - Now The Fun Really Begins

The Washington Post reports that General Michael Hayden is the likely replacement for Porter Goss at CIA and may be named to the post as early as Monday. You will recall that General Hayden is the man who acceded to Bush's illegal use of NSA for domestic surveillance and in doing so is the man most directly responsible for destroying the reputation of what had been one the US most effective intelligence agencies.

So, having cleared CIA of it's most senior and effective staff, the employees most likely to resist Bu$hCo attempts to twist the agency's mission into one of "intelligence manufacture", Bush brings in a man who has no scruples about violating an agency's charter (NSA), and apparently no ethical qualms when it comes to the legality of his agency's actions.

This is going to be fun.


Ethics...we don't need no stinkin' ethics...if we must invade, there has to be justification...I don't care if you have to make it up, just discredit some kind people while you do it, thank you very much.
He has to hire insiders now. The only ones they can let in on everything are the corrupt ones already in their circle.

It'll be fun, but scary, too.
And to make things worse, they said today on tv that he's very close to cheney. This scares me!
Hayden reminds me of Hitler's little helper. Who knows what wild ride is coming, but I'll bet it will go down in the history books as the death knell for Democracy.
I'm betting they don't go pick Hayden; that'd be just begging for a fight with the Senate that the White House will likely lose. Too many moderate Republicans (like Arlen Specter) and Senators facing tough re-election battles would vote no, plus it would drag the domestic spying scandal back naked and bleeding into the spotlight. On the other hand, never underestimate the venal arrogance of this Administration.
This is going to be fun.
I do like that amphibian sense of fun. At least Bush has stopped that pesty 'independent' advise from those old style public servants.
Just wait until he announces his 'Preatorian Guard'.
"Hayden reminds me of Hitler's little helper."

I'm not sure if it's the alliteration or the elf image the phrase "Hitler's little helper" puts into my head, but I find this sentence simultaneously frightening and funny.
I'm betting they don't go pick Hayden; that'd be just begging for a fight with the Senate that the White House will likely lose.

Are you sure LC? I read this morning that it's actually the White House that' pressing for the fight makeing the assumption that it'll make the Democrats look soft national security.

Cartledge..."Preatorian Guard" maybe that's what they meant when the put forward to turn the Secret Service into a police force.
Well, as I said, never underestimate the arrogance of the Bush White House. If that's their plan, it shows a fundamental lack of understanding of the public mood. The war is so overwhelmingly unpopular now, voting against this jacked-up blowhard for CIA director is much more likely to help Democrats than hurt them. The fun part will be seeing how many Republicans jump ship.

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