Hayden - The Harriet Miers of CIA

And you know what that means, right? ROVE IS IN!

(Thanks to PoliShifter @ Pissed on Politics for supplying that last piece of the puzzle.)


Astute Frog, thank you for this post.
Off-topic. What is the difference between Kvatch and "kvetch", if any?
Did you see my comparison of Ross and Hayden, done in terms of the introduction/nomination paragraphs from W? It's astounding. Rove is definately in.
Hey Windspike, I commented on that one myself...at least I think I did. Wonder if it didn't get published.

RB...my pleasure.
NBfH...the answer is many-layered. "kvatch" is one way (less used way) of pronouncing "kvetch" which means, as you probably guessed, to complain. A "kvatcher" is a complainer, but "kvatch" is also the sound a frog makes in German, and "Kvatchkopf" is an Austrain way of saying "idiot", literally "squish-head".
Hi Kvatch,

thanks for the plug!

I only hope more people will wake up before it's too late...
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I just thought of something Kvatch,

you know who would also make the great switch for the bait? Either Rumsfeld or Cheney.

Both are liabilities to the RNC & Bush. What a great way to shuffle one of the zeros around to another post that has tremendous value while appeasing the shrill leftists.
I've heard and seen a lot in my long and troubled life, but this takes the cake!
In my wildest, most sleepless tossing I could never have dreamed a conclusion, a conspiracy, so fantastic. (in the classical sense of immense fantasy course!)
Mind you, if the purpose is, as recently suggested, to emasculate the CIA, I guess there could be no better choice.
I await the roll-out of history with increased anticipation.
oohh..i love this!
n my wildest, most sleepless tossing I could never have dreamed a conclusion, a conspiracy, so fantastic.

I started thinking about the old "bait-and-switch" earlier today, but really it was PoliShifter who supplied the conclusion that was too much for me to resist.

I await the roll-out of history with increased anticipation.

If PoliS turns out to be right, I will know I've entered the Twilight Zone.

Dusty, yeah...it is pretty delicious for us addled conspiracists, isn't it?
Even if this happens...I don't see how Rove can be immune to an indictment if there is going to be one. That would make Fitzgerald a bad guy...and I thought he was supposed to be upstanding. It would be like having J. Edgar Hoover all over again...ewwww!
Good point, kvatch. When Rove had his "policy portfolio" taken from him, we heard how he wasn't going to be making any more policy decisions, he was just handling the midterm strategy, etc. And then he picks Hayden to replace Goss so that he can bring the NSA domestic spying program back into the news.

Let's see how well it works, though. Bush is even weaker now than he was during the first time the NSA spying program was getting covered in the news.Maybe people are feeling so soured on him that there less willing to give him the benefit of the doubt when he says he's only spying on terrorists, not ordinary Americans.
I was thinking he was the Clarence Boddicker of the CIA.
That is so God awful and idea. Can you imagine the total outrage if this were to happen? Shish!
Tom...EEK! That resemblence is striking. I actually wanted to do a seperated at birth for Hayden, but could find a photo that make him look enough like Elmer Fudd.

Peacechick, not so sure about the outrage. Maybe it would be more like, "But...but...but, he's unqualified [yawn]. Next topic..."
Hayden looks like a baby in an army suit.

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