Happy Blogiversary To Me

Blognonymous turns 12 today (that's "1" for you humans), and rather than doing just the normal celebratory post, I decided that I wanted something bigger. So last week I announced a Big Day of Protest. The idea being that we would use our little Army Men to launch a nationwide campaign. Well it succeeded beyond anything I could imagine. To date over 30 bloggers have signed up on a blog we created just for the protest, and they are deploying these Kommandos all over the country...right now!

So I guess it's time to get a little choked up and thank everyone involved for turning this into the success it's become. THANK YOU ALL! This is as fine a "Blogiversary" present as any frog could wish for.


(OK...ok now that all the sentimentality is done with, check out the post below. These are my Kommandos.)


Bon blogiversaire, Kvatch!
Happy, happy. A year sure is a long time in blog time, eh?

Happy Blogiversary, Kvatch!! And many more to come!
Happy Blogiversary, Kommander. Proud to be a part of it.
Happy anniversery. Great first year. You're my favorite blogger, froggy--no kidding around.
Congratulations! This Kommando thing is brilliant! I hope to see many of the special troops out there.
Happy Anniversery!
As I always say" A good frog is hard to find" or something like that..anyways, glad you blog,and congrats on the anniversay Kvatch :)
Thanks everyone. The sentiments are much appreciated.
I would have congratulated you testerday, but I was much too busy deploying the Michigan Militia. And today? We started the "No Blood For Oil Offensive". Congratulations and keep the ideas coming.
Happy Selubrious Occasion Kvatch...blog on. And May All our Kommandos Remain Victorious...Dare we Say "Mission Accomplished?"
Congrats, frog, and keep at it. You are a loved and appreciated frog.

Sorry I've been neglecting again, lot going on. Very busy with everything from spring yard stuff to work. So little time.

Lew, you are excused. :-) Go forth and fight the good fight!

Thanks Windspike, and I'd say we've been doing this for what (?) 2 days now, so a "Mission Accomplished" is definitely in order.

Lily, I know how that gets. Many things going on here as well and not all Kommandos' stuff. Thanks for the sentiments.

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