Grand Oil Party

Grand Oil PartyGrand Oil Party

Eighty four percent of the $8.6 million oil and gas companies have contributed to the 2006 elections has gone to Republicans, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

(From The Raw Story)


not that we didn't know this already anyway, but that sure does throw light on the situation, doesn't it?
The picture is great, but to see that $8.6 million figure in print is downright depressing. We can't get ourselves oil independent fast enough for my taste.
Not only that, but the W, loaded up his presidential propaganda catapult and shot it today at a meeting to address energy issues...as usual, spoken like a true oilman.
Stranger...indeed. Always puts things in perspective to put a number to the issue.

Windspike...let me guess. Completely content free?
This is what George H.W. Bush referred to as "fuzzy math." Consider, $8.6 million, divided by the 50 or so million who patriotically voted for Bush in 2004, equates out to roughly $0.17 per patriot. When you take that pittance and divide it by the average cost of a gallon of gas, the average donation costs those who still love our country about the same as a 57/1000th the cost of a gallon of unleaded.
Kvatch..were did you get the graphic? we all need to put it up.
They're in bed with the oil companies, they've invaded Iraq and *still* they can't provide cheap gas. What good are these bozos?
Dusty, it's a paste-up I did in Photoshop. Please feel free top copy it or just link directly to it, if you prefer.

Fashiongirl...as expensive as get's, right here in Sodom by the Sea. $3.59 per gallon.
I will link away..god love ya frog :)
Excellent Photoshopping...I think that image would make a fine yard sign during election season.
I'm kind of wondering why oil companies gave 17% of the money to Democrats? Hedging their bets?
'm kind of wondering why oil companies gave 17% of the money to Democrats? Hedging their bets?

Most likely. There are very few industries that don't.

Betty feel free to grab it and blow it up.
Like fashion said they are all in bed together. Is there any way to stop it? Seems like the more people scream for impeachment the more things stay the same. The DNC doesn't have any guts, and no one is fighting back but us. Sad.
So does anyone have any solutions to try to become oil free or are there just complainers. Any of us car pool, take the bus, try to drive less, use energy effiencient products, how about consumption, anybody willing to give up consumption because the consumption of oil is what causes this. Consumers have the power, we have the power not the government.
So does anyone have any solutions to try to become oil free or are there just complainers.

Suffice to say...I don't post it unless I'm willing to live it. To whit, I've lived 8 of my 10 years in Babylon by the Bay without a car. I use mass transit and my legs. I've gotten credits from PG&E for reducing my power consumption in 4 of the last 5 years. I've posted on how one could help to eliminate America's dependency on oil, here and on the terrible burden that is car ownership here.

There is no question that consumption is ultimately in the hands of consumers, but calling into question the GOP's flagrantly pro-consumption policies--suing states over drilling rights, defending industry lawsuits against the same for stricter air quality standards, failing to enforce existing environmental friendly laws--is not only legitimate...it's an essential part of the effort to reduce consumption.
Thanks for the icon. I used it in a video here:


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