GOP Running Scared...Finally

Senate Majority Leader Frist is planning to trot out the old war horses, gay marriage, flag desecration, in the belief that he can use them to galvanize the conservative base. But with Bush's numbers heading south faster than one of Vice President Buckshot's hunting partners, the electorate will hand Congress to the Democrats unless the Republicans are very careful.

Frist is clueless, but that's not true of everyone in the Republican party. The First Lady, for example, is calling on congressional Republicans to basically shut up--might as well just beg the GOP to save her husband from a premature return to private life.

With luck Frist and Hastert will just keep on doing what they're doing, and Bush will head back to Texas just before embarking on an extended vacation in the Federal pen.


They're all dolts.
The First Lady is right on this one. Frist and friends are grasping at straws and I think it will back fire on them. They are picking issues for political reasons, only, and I think voters are getting sick and tired of this. I think he might galvanize the 29% that still think Bush is doing a good job, but I think he will alienate everyone else - and that's fine with me. Frist has been on the wrong side of most issues and many times these are "issues" just for political gain (eg. Terry Schiavo, etc).
Frist was Rove's choice to replace Trent Lott. They wanted somebody they could manipulate and they got it with Frist. Unfortunately he's not also easy to manipulate, he's also an idiot.

Which is good if you're opposed to many of the preznit's policies.
Not only was Frist the hand picked successor to Lott, it seems clear that Rove & Co. wanted Frist as the next President. Now they talk up Jeb? Plans change when idiots ruin them.
Plans change when the public pulls their head out of their asses!
Bush in the pen?

Nice dream, but I would be surprised if they even get Cheney. The buck is likely to stop with Rove. I don't have any facts to support that contention, but it just seems like that is what is going to happen.
With luck Frist and Hastert will just keep on doing what they're doing...
Therein lies the danger of learning the script be rote. It's like bad policy, if it doesn't work just work first time just push it harder.
Fortunately these people lack the mental dexterity to review and change tack.
Elsa, R-bE, you're both so right. It's truly amazing that Frist has such terrible political instincts--Schiavo, tax-rebates--and yet remains the Majority Leader.

Prague Twin...true, tis a dream I have, and I agree with you about Cheney. I think Fitzgerald will try...may not succeed.

TPM, lets see if the electorate can keep it's collective head long enough to reach the midterms.

Cartledge..."lack the mental dexterity," that's a great way to put it. Bush definitely exhibits this behavior. Frist too.
Well, Krazy Karl said live this morning on CSPAN(his speech at AEI):
that polls show over 60% of the people "love" the Shrub,its the performance of his job that people don't like..and..I love this part..the WH's polls show the Repubes will gain 10 seats this election.

hows that for spin?

btw..he answered questions, but they all pertained to the economy.
What a bunch of charlatans.
Right on, First Lady.

Glad to see The Dickster isn't into this kind of crap legislation either.

The fact that these jerks plan to push the anti-gay stuff in order to mobilize their voters demonstrates how little they have in their party platform to inspire said voters. What the GOP amounts to is "all form, no content".

Let's hope the "trickle down" effect from Bush's 29% approval rating will continue to sink these idiots' boat, slowly and painfully.
.And Pandering to the base is up at bat:

Gay Marriage Amendment,

Strike One.

Social Security Reform,

Strike Two.


Strike Three.

November, you're out of there!
Dusty...he said that? Pretty ballsy! Maybe he'll also predict that he won't be indicted, and if indicted he won't be convicted, and if convicted he won't be sentenced to jail time, and if he ends up in the federal pen...

Snave, right you are, but I think that we should never underestimate the Republicans, they could fashion an agenda from old cereal boxes--need to remain vigilent.
He didn't say "love" he said 60% "like" the Shrub..then stated, they are just unhappy with his job performance. To me, thats the important part..um..wouldn't you say? He then blamed it all on the Iraq war..its the war's fault the Shrub's job performance numbers are in the shitter..but remember..people really do like him. :|

I watched it live.I didn't read it anywhere..I remember swallowing wrong and choking on my water when he said it :P
I know this doesn't mean Rove's off his hook, but he's, at best, at least in limbo.

I got nothin' to say about Frist except he's an amazing example of how far one can go on willful ignorance. wow!

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