Glinda Delivers The Good News To Bush's Heir

Glinda the Good lets Condi know that she's next.

There's no place like the Oval Office...We're off to see our leader
The glorious prez from Texahs.
We hear he's going to make us his heir
Cause he no longer needs the laws.
He no longer needs the laws because
Democracy sucks. It really does,
And 'cause--because, because, because, because...
Elections are hooey and full of flaws!
We're off to to see our leader
The glorious prez from Texahs!

...and The Station Agent responds with verse!


Now I'm grossed out from looking at condi's face
Yes, it IS time for Condi to go home. And Dodo*, too!

There's no place like home... There's no place like home...

And now a poem by the Station Agent:


Ladies and gentlemen
I cordially propose
That we mess with texas
On the behalf of those
Who were sent to war
by a pack of psychos
Who came to power
Down where the oil flows
like a snake that is lying
where the high grass grows
Bending truth
Like pulling on a bow
But instead of arrows
It’s tomahawks that juxtapose
With the burned out buildings
Once civilians’ homes
We’re killing them in the millions
While our values decompose
So I’m asking modestly
That Texas be closed
We can’t take another politician
Who’s blatantly predisposed
To lying to the masses
In monosyllabic prose
Lets mess with every rich cowboy
From Jerry Jones to Ross Perot
The cancer’s in the lone star
Kill it before it grows.
Ladies and gentlemen
It’s right beneath your nose
We must mess with Texas
Before they impose
The Bush dynasty forever
Or until the Saudis forclose
Or before the Chinese army
Appears in droves
Ladies and gentlemen
It’s right beneath your nose
The cancer’s in the lonestar
Kill it before it grows
I heard Condi is a lesbian, but have not found much to substantiate that...
StationA...outstanding! You get a comment link on the frontpage for that. Hey, if you publish this on Ice-Station Tango, let me know and I'll link that as well.

Snave, right you are!

Denisdekat, that's a set of good news I don't even want to know about.
Hilarious! Well done, recently-deprogrammed Kvatch!
Thanks Tom. Blognonymous, now with all the bile, and twice the snark.
Boy, you had me scared there for a second. And I don't mean with that picture of Condi! (I didn't know she was so close to Glenda)
Kvatch! I deny all references to a personal association with Condi. Just because I set up Condi on myspace site a few months ago....I was hoping she'd find a...date!

I felt sorry for her, she is a vampire and has no social life...go visit Condi!


But that does not mean I condone her wicked ways!!!!!
(Love the sinner, hate the sin, as Pinkfem alays says!)
Kvatch! I deny all references to a personal association with Condi.

Glenda...but isn't "Glinda the Good" your twin sister? I doubt you are your sister's keeper. ;-)
I AM Glinda, I just choose to spell it this way now, didn't like the old spelling. We are one and the same!!!!
Snark? I challenge you to a snark duel, frog.
Why the hatemongering, frog but not prince?
Why the hatemongering, frog but not prince?

Huh??? Honestly, I came up with the riff on "We're off to see the Wizard" first, just fit the picture to it afterwards. I wasn't trying to offend Glenda.

But as the Frogette says, "You've got to kiss a lot princes before you find your frog."
Why is she smiling thusly? methinks there is something goin' on below the level of the image...perhaps not appropriate for younger viewers...

We represent the lobbist guild, the lobbist guild, the lobbist guild...we represent the lobbist guild, and we welcome you to our dear land....
Ok, let the snarking begin! Yea, as if Condi could win. She's about as unelectable as Hillary.
WS, like I said to Denisdekat...I don't even want to know about that. :-)

LoC, snarking indeed. I figure she's just going to be annointed either through doing away with the election or with the Diebold Republi-vote 2008.
Kvatch, you done good..hehehe..love how you offer up an excuse but not an apology. I do that too.

...good bullshit, good webwhoring.

Guess you took sum good lessons from Karl Rove while you was evil-doing, hehehe.
I think it's about time we had an African American woman president. And if she also happens to be a lesbian, that's fine by me too. But not that African American possible-lesbian.

There must be others in that demographic niche who are untainted by the stench of carrying Bush's fetid water. Oprah? Whoopi? Anyone but Condi.
Betty...OK we've got:

Rosa Parks - Nope, dead
Vivian Malone Jones - Uh, uh
Coretta Scott King - Dead as well
Oprah Winfrey - Never do it

Well, given that list, I'd say it will have to be...

Angela Bassett!

Yes indeed, but we couldn't have an actress as President, could we? ;-)
Thanks Kvatch. It's actually a song I wrote with a buddy of mine. We're recording it this weekend. He's, uh, flying down to Antarctica... Man I'm running this premise into the ground.

If the song is good, I'll send it to you. You can link to the lyrics at:

All very clever munchkins.

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