For The 500th Post...A Big "Thank You"

So here I am wondering what I should write about for Blognonymous' 500th post. Something funny? Something topical? Or how about something that we as bloggers probably don't say often enough:

To Blogenfreude for my first link
And to Mike who encouraged the verse.
To Drew for the first reprint
And to Rex whom I cannot coerce.
To Helen and Stacy, Enigma and Dusty,
For attention when this blog was young.
To Lily, Alicia, Generik, and Abi...
For their magnificent guest blogging fun.
To Windspike my dependable compadre
And for a warm BARBARian reception,
And to the rest of you, my readers, commenters,
and friends that I'd like to mention...
Rest assured that you're in my thoughts
With every click, each hit, and post.
Cause it's good to blog and good to share
With those who write, and blog, and care.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for writing. Thanks for everything.


congrats :)
Nice heartfelt tribute, my friend! Congratulations! Batting 1000 with 500 hits is no small task! :>)
Congratulations! And thank you, for being consistently interesting, funny, and right. Looking forward to many more posts.
...consistently interesting, funny, and right.

Thanks Tom, but... "Right"? I think you meant "left". After all this time, I'd hate to think that I was "right"! :-)

DDK and TPM...thanks as well. I'm sure we're all on the same page when I say: What are we without our readers? Am I left?
Congrats, Kvatch. Here's to 500 more... Then we re-evaluate :)
Onya Kvatch! I know the bogoshphere is a better place for your precence. I just can't work out why.
How sweet! Thanks & congrats.
500? How long have you been blogging? FIFTY YEARS? CONGRATUALTION AND KEEP 'EM COMING!
No, Thank you...
Errr...'correct', then.
Blog on Kvatch, blog on all....
Thanks to you. It's always a pleasure.
Woo Hoo! I'll raise a glass of... err... grape Juicy Juice that my kid didn't finish drinking, to 500 more, Kvatch.
Aww, I got a little misty-eyed there!

Congrats - here's to 500 more!
awesome!! Keep up the great work. hopefully all us bloggers are helping to rid America of corrupt companies and politicians. Power to the People!!! Bloggers of the world unite!!!!
Outstanding, Kvatch! Looking forward to reading the next 500. Congrats, man.
You've been a pleasure to read...rock on.
Congratulations - where else can we get all the news that's faked to print!
Well done, you froggy bastard! Keep it coming!
In honor of your big day drinks are on me. Name your poison. How about a june bug martini?
Congratulations on hanging in there and keeping up the good blog fight.
(kiss kiss)
Thanks all. Lifted a glass last night in honor of being able to crank out that much blather, and I guess now it's back to work...
yeah, back to the grind!
maybe it's time to deploy another batallion of Kvatch's Kommandos? this idea is starting to really catch on around here (NJ) and it's thanks to people like you who took the idea and ran with it, much as I did when I took those toy army men home from the dollar store.
congrats on the milestone.
we love you.
Jay, hold that thought. I've got something BIG planned for the Kommandos. ;-)
Congrats. And if you ever decide you want to get out of blogging, maybe you can be the next poet laureate.
Rock on with your bad self, Kvatch! You go, boy!
Congrats! I've enjoyed the wit, wisdom and wisecracks. I never realized frogs were such prolific writers.
Kathy, me neither. But hey I just write the voices tell me to. :-)

Elsa, I'd love to be the poet laureate, but I don't think they give that title to people who mostly write limericks and haiku.

Alicia, thanks!
Your so good Kvatch..I love reading your stuff..you rock m'dear! Congrats :)
de nada

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