EU Fires Back On "Illegal" Data Exchange

Good for them! The EU--specifically it's Court of Justice and realistically the only body that can challenge the US on the issue--has ruled that US demands for passenger data lack an "appropriate legal basis".

Of course the US, like a petulant child, has fired back by threatening the Europeans with delayed flights, fines, denial of landing rights, and extensive searches of US bound passengers if the EU fails to comply. So you know what I say...for every fine or denial of landing rights, the EU should respond in kind. In the game of international air travel, the government subsidized European carriers will suffer much less in a game of brinkmanship than the bankrupt US carriers.


I'm sure we'll give the decision all the respect that Bu$hCo thinks it deserves.
Now there is a lesson in winning friends and influencing people. But it always pays, when you bully someone, to stick to the ones who can't fight back.
Oh I do hope Bush doesn't turn your wonderful country into a total international pariah.
I just feel sorry for the European carriers who find themselves in violation of European law if they acquiesce to U.S. demands.

Cartledge, considering how miserably the $ is doing against most currencies, becoming an international pariah might not be such a bad thing.

Praguetwin, I hope they stick to their guns. The Feds are probably getting more information from the EU carriers right now than from the US carriers.
Personally, as a Floridian I'm all for keeping the Euros out. I mean, if you've seen one hairy German in a Speedo, you've seen one too many.
What next? Invade Europe?

By the time people realize what a disaster bush is for this country, it will be too late.
I mean, if you've seen one hairy German in a Speedo, you've seen one too many.

Rex my friend, you are so right. Hairy? How about fat and pale. Speedos should be banned in the European Union. It's just to damned scary.
Your solution makes perfect sense. It's interesting that the world is no longer playing along with U.S. interests, which has to be infuriating to the Bush administration. Just one more example of how far they've fallen in the eyes of the world.

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