Early Signs of Desperation in the Nutsphere

Back when I started Blognonymous, I stuck solely to trafficking on right-wing blogs, looking for debate--looking to stir things up, and looking for ideas. Well ideas I got, but debate I did not--well at least not that rose above the level of, "you're a liberal, so obviously you're an idiot". After about 6 months of this I gave up and started cruising lefty blogs, but I took away from that early experience a post I called The Conservative Blogger's Manifesto.

Now most of that post was exaggeration, but there was a kernel of truth in ever item, especially number 1:
Never comment on "lefty" blogs - It just legitimizes their sad and useless lives, in addition to driving up their traffic stats.
So here's the thing: In the last month, Blognonymous has been getting an increasing number of wing-nut comments, and not the usual anonymous troll drivel either. Nope, some of this stuff, while still insulting, is often long and occasionally cogent.

So here's the question: What's up in the nut-sphere? Studiously avoiding left-wing blogs is almost a commandment for right-wingers. Are they losing traffic? Is a never ending chorus of "Yeah. Right on!" comments in response to every inane post no longer enough? Or perhaps, it's the first signs of desperation. November is coming and looks like the left is beginning to ascend. Hmmm...

(Thanks to Cartledge @ Talk About Corruption for the post that got me thinking along these lines.)


Speaking of manifestos....
A new manifesto on relationships.
Support 'The Time Manifesto'
Voice your opinion. Be heard.
They are driving me nuts froggy. Not your considered if flaky debate, but pure abuse and vitriol.
I'm starting to agree with Mike over at Crest... The bin from now on.
Just as well that I've known the same arseholes on other continents, always from the right, often from the religious right.
I'm starting to agree with Mike over at Crest... The bin from now on.

And therein lies the difference between you and I, my friend from the Empire Upon Which the Sun Never Sets. Every time I get a comment like that, I grin an evil little froggy grin and fire back with some sugar-laced snark. (I'm not called "The Garrote of Courteous Debate" for nothing.)

But seriously don't you think that this is symptomatic of the fact that things are shifting? It's no longer, "Look at me! I can say the most outlandish crap, and miserable wretches will still come and read my blog!" But rather, "If you won't come to me, I'm gonna shove my crap down your miserable throat!"

I'm laughing all the way to the ballot box.
I hope you are right (or should that be correct?). I'm not really seeing anyone among these hit-and-run merchants who can actually string a coherent thought together.
I realise the right are traditionally anti-intellectual but I see enough of their arguments elsewhere that are at least framed in the 'thoughtful' way.
I just get the ones who threaten to come there, wherever 'there' is in their minds, and do bodily harm.
Oh, I do hope you are right, before these people become the storm troopers.
Long about 23 May 2005, I posted some of my thoughts on this very issue. You can have a gander if you dare: http://educationalwhisper.blogspot.com/2005/05/underlying-humor-of-reichwing-argument.html

But I think there is a bigger issue that you point out Kvatch, that these reichwingers are surfing ever more these days at lefty blogs...perchance, could it be that there is a mid term election that they desperately don't want to loose, but know very well that they are going to get their asses handed to them on a platter?
Yeah! Right ON!

(Sorry, I couldn't help myself.)
NBfH, yeah...yeah...very funny.

WS, yup fear of marginalization is definitely at work here.
I used to comment on a right wing site all the time. They used to call me the sites socialist (i think they thought that made me mad) Anyway, they gang up on you. You make a comment addressing one person and you get 5 people calling you a moron or an idiot. To be fair, some didn't do that, but they totally post in packs like freakin' wolves. The left leaning sites i frequent don't seem to do that.
I thought all these commenter on the right worked for right wing think tanks. Maybe they're changing their tactics.
Graeme, they do at that. I've experience the "You're an idiot chorus," many times.

SA, considering how some of these bozos write, if they're really employed by right-wing think tanks, somebody needs to get their money back.
I was on the AOL message boards for a number of years. In early 2004, there was an increase in somewhat coherent and supposedly informed right wing posters.

I patiently went through some of the AOL archives, checked different message boards, and noticed that some of the coherent right wing posters were at times posting profusely 24 hours straight which is physically unlikely. I've never seen any blogger post as much as the supposed individual on each of these suspect AOL accounts did. And they were on the boards almost 7 days a week, though there were periods of less posting.

A lot of the posts were right wing articles but now and then some posts were clearly addressing comments by liberal posters in a seemingly rational way but they were coming too fast to be from a single person. I very much suspect not only paid posters but also tag teams probably in two to four shifts and occassional simultaneous team posting of some sort on the same shift.

There seemed to be an effort for each account to have a style, a fictional Marine sargeant for example, but the styles would occassionally break down for several weeks (that for me was the confirmation) as if a couple of new people had joined the team. I don't think there were many of these organized posters; I identified at least five that I was certain about and I suspect there were maybe a dozen on AOL, maybe two dozen accounts at the very most were were being used at any time over periods of months, but they were there. If the archives still exist somewhere, the overly active accounts can easily be found.

I haven't been on the AOL message boards in some time, but the last time I looked the numbers had gone way down. Maybe the right wingers are looking for fresh venues.
I've noticed that trend too. I think rightwingers are beginning to notice that people are listening to some of the arguments coming from the left, and the general population is not writing us all off as liberal nuts in spite of the right's efforts.

I guess the right decided to change their tactics - know thine enemy - and leave behind a comment in the hopes it will discredit the blogger and/or convert them.
There is nothing cogniscent about anyone who defends Bush and his failied policies.

Conservatism is dead. Even the NeoCons are turning on Bush.

Those that are left are just sycophants or too stubborn to admit they were wrong.
Craig...welcome...a conspiracy of right-wing Eliza programs. I just knew it.

Kathy, I'm wondering if this will shut down with the mid-terms if the Republican's stay in power. Two more years of conservatives and my traffic stats go down the tubes.

PoliS, well some of the neo-cons are jumping ship. Though Addington seems to be hanging on and writing more signing statements.

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